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I Might Be Cookie Wasted But…You Da One

I hope you wonderful people had am amazing Christmas this year ! I know I did, and even though I’m cookie wasted right now and the thought of something sugary makes me sick, I had the best time ! I’m sure I’ll get back to my passion for sweets in matter of hours. I enjoyed so much spending time with family ( I just missed mine a lot  more than usual these past days) and eating way to much food for just 48 hours, but hey, who am I to refuse something delicious looking, served on a plate, right in front of me ? That did happened to all of us, right ?

I have missed the blog, the fashion news, the celebrities, that’s why today I came back with a song ! You might have heard it by now and I’m sure not going to start bragging about how much I admire Rihanna, did I say admire ? , well, how much I love Rihanna, but one thing’s for sure: this is a happy song, perfect for this sunny winter day!

And in case you were wondering what does this video have to do with fashion, well it has everything to do with it, because Rihanna is a trendsetter, way ahead of her time, daring, unique and always inspiring. She’s committed to her style and that’s for sure the coolest thing !

My favorite look of the video, ought to be this somewhat boyish outfit, with the printed tights and short jeans, oh and the cute little white hat of course. Enjoy the video :

Rihanna - You Da One Music Video