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On My Mind

Denim dress black accessories

My Sunday was all about the peace & quiet, the good food and the snow. I didn’t feel like leaving the house today so I took the chance to catch up on sleep, to think about all kinds of little things, to cuddle with Puss and hubby, to sort out our bedroom. I needed this full day of silence, I needed these long hours that allowed me to be lazy, now I’m about to start cooking dinner and after that the evening will be complete with some pampering, tv shows, more cuddles and a good book.

4 Things

Basic pieces for a curated wardrobe

Hello, lovely people! How was your weekend? I for one felt like taking a little break from work, from the computer, from sleeping, from blogging, from over-thinking, and it did me good, as I feel amazing now and more than ready to kick start the new week. There are days when things tend to get overwhelming, when my brain runs with too many tabs open, and on those days I hold on to the idea of a quiet weekend, to be spent out & about, with coffee, good food and perfect company.

Dressing Up | NYE

Dresses for New Year's Eve

The first sentence after a long break on the blog is always hard, so I am going to just get that out of the way. Done! I hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful Christmas, to be truly honest I don’t feel is quite over yet, perhaps it has to to with all this snowing (yeeey!!!) that’s going on.

Coat Loving


I believe in individuality, in respect, in kindness, in choosing happiness, always. I don’t believe in forcing my faith, my feelings or projecting my convictions onto somebody else, just because I can. When it comes to fashion, I believe the only way to grow is through trial and error. I love how we all flourish into very distinct personalities, sharing some beliefs, but walking such distinct paths.

November Wishing

I am good at wishing, but then again who isn’t? The fact that I LOVE to make lists, of all sorts it’s also not a secret anymore: resolutions, to-do lists, grocery lists, ideas for articles, schedules, outfit planning, house decorating, it all begins with me setting pen on paper. But wish-lists have to be my absolute favorites and during this time of the year, with the Holidays rapidly approaching, I allow myself to secretly wish away.

And since today I’ve been browsing Persunmall in search of something pretty, something that would complement my existing wardrobe but also add to it, I thought I would make a wishlist with all the things that I need, ok, with all the things that I want from their online store. Hopefully, it will inspire your future purchases as well, because what I chose below represents just a small amount of all the pretty little things I loved.


Fall Essentials: A Wishlist

My plans for the week included an outfit post (guess I was extra optimistic), which should have been followed by my personal wishlist for the upcoming fall. But due to the fact that we are leaving for Budapest early in the morning, the past week was spent marking deadlines for work, running errands and basically getting ready for these very few days of rest. The rainy afternoons didn’t help much either, not that I’m actually complaining. As I’m writing this post, I know am already behind with packing so I’ll try to be very quick.

The following list contains basically all that I dream to add to my wardrobe now that fall is slowly approaching. I imagine clean silhouettes, gorgeous splashes of color and a few accessories that will count as much. Hope you like my choices. Also, feel free to tag along on Instagram and Twitter during my trip for more updates. I’ll make sure to come back with lost of beautiful pictures. Until then, all my love and have a great weekend!

Fall Wishlist Oteea Land

Summer Wish

I can’t remember the last time I’ve put together an inspirational outfit or made a wish list for that matter just to share them with you, especially as I find myself in a constant lack of free time as of lately. That was the first thing I thought about when I received Persunmall‘s invitation to check out their website and share my favorite items with my readers. The timing was also perfect since we haven’t got a chance to shoot for an outfit post yet, spending the majority of the week running errands and planning the wedding. It feels so good to be crossing a few more things out of the list, I can’t even tell you.

Back to the outfits, I must admit I started shuffling the Persunmall website in search of items that my wardrobe is currently missing, read dresses and a touch of color and that of course, would also fit my current mood. You won’t be surprised to find that the first outfit is dipped in black and white, I seriously can’t help it!!!

Summer Wish 01