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Tame My Wild Heart

There was a time in my life when I wouldn’t have been caught dead in a skirt, when heels were just for fancy occasions and my life was defined by the right choice of jeans or the perfect pair of sneakers. Then came the early twenties when between going to college, moving to a different city and starting working in an office, my wardrobe got filled with sleek button-downs, tailored pants and lots of blazers.

I guess that in my head I secretly envisioned myself wearing totally different things all along, but it took a while to catch up and embrace the change. I really believe that 20s are all about experimenting and finding your true self, fashion wise included. Now I feel like I’m somewhere past the first half of the road, as some things are really starting to make sense. Like blending black and white and then switching for pink, orange or cobalt blue, mixing feminine elements with contrasting masculine ones, going for delicacy one day, and for a sportier vibe the next. This is me now ^_^

Tame My Wild Heart 01