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2012 Spring Trend – Color Blast

With only 2 days left, until Mercedes Benz Fashion Week finally kicks off in New York City, showcasing the Fall 2012 collections, I just realized I haven’t got much time to cover the 2012 Spring/Summer trends yet. Well, except for the little red dress, pastels and lace … Too little, too late now ? Not if I hurry , and catch the last few chances I got to mention them, before getting overly excited about what’s going to be hot during fall and winter. Thank God, I was born a girl.

With that in mind, I just had to put a spin on what mus be my favorite spring/summer 2012 trend, because honestly, who doesn’t love some color during the perfect sunny days ?

This summer, is going to be a blast, with electric blues, hot fuchsias, sunflower yellows and bold oranges, popping up everywhere on the streets and in stores. We are going full on color !

The great thing is, you can follow the trend by wearing the same color head to toe, by mixing pops of color with neutral hues, or by really having fun and putting together outfits teaming more than one bold color, think color-block, think yellow and electric blue, think pink and red, and wear whatever speaks to you.





If you’re more like me and your wardrobe doesn’t scream color, remember that you can always add key pieces that will definitely brighten things up in your closet. I’m excited to be doing just that, and here’s what I have in mind :


2012 Must-Have – Lace Lace Lace

From fashion runway shows, down to Red Carpet events, from 2012 summer collections, straight into every fashionable girl’s closet, lace found a way to stick for one more season. So, if you want to spice things up in your wardrobe, it’s time to let lace take over control. It’s all about choosing the key pieces and reinvent yourself for 2012. Either you would go for a cute lace dress, lace shorts, lace shirts, skirts or accessories, don’t get lost on the way, there’s something for everybody this summer.

That doesn’t mean you have to completely change or give up your old style, just add some lace details to your outfits, for an extra touch of grace and softness. If you’re not the girlie girl type, hints for the colors, as they can make you look sweet and pretty, or help you hold on to your edgy side.


I remember the days when I was a little girl, lace was big and every lady would wear it somehow. Then, came the days when lace became tacky all of the sudden, and I was left wondering why and where it all disappeared. Little I knew about trends back then, but luckily (or not) things change. And here I am now, thinking about buying a pair of lace shorts, or a nice little shirt, even if a special someone I know, will not be happy with this decision, some people just don’t get lace. But that never stopped me. Hints of what I would actually love to wear this summer :

ASOS - Mint lace shirt

ASOS - Wine Lace Shorts

ASOS - Lace Details Dress

ASOS - Yellow and Lace

ASOS - Lace Bow

Remember, small steps, little details, smart touches, because a hint of lace never killed anybody and because girls do know how to rock lace.