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Fall Essentials: A Wishlist

My plans for the week included an outfit post (guess I was extra optimistic), which should have been followed by my personal wishlist for the upcoming fall. But due to the fact that we are leaving for Budapest early in the morning, the past week was spent marking deadlines for work, running errands and basically getting ready for these very few days of rest. The rainy afternoons didn’t help much either, not that I’m actually complaining. As I’m writing this post, I know am already behind with packing so I’ll try to be very quick.

The following list contains basically all that I dream to add to my wardrobe now that fall is slowly approaching. I imagine clean silhouettes, gorgeous splashes of color and a few accessories that will count as much. Hope you like my choices. Also, feel free to tag along on Instagram and Twitter during my trip for more updates. I’ll make sure to come back with lost of beautiful pictures. Until then, all my love and have a great weekend!

Fall Wishlist Oteea Land

I Wish

Since this week was a little bit busy so far and I haven’t got the opportunity to take some actual outfit pictures, today I decided to share with you the six items that made it into my wishlist for the following month(s). It’s not a fancy list, but actually made out of items that I would use a lot during fall and winter and that have been on my mind for a while now.

I Wish

Celebrity Summer Style – Kate Bosworth

When it comes to fashion and styling, you may already know that after many years, I still love to get my fix of new ideas and inspiration, from the celebrity “world”. Of course, over these same years, I’ve developed certain preferences, I fell in love with a number of stars, I have found my favorite designers and came across a series of inspiring ladies, that soon became true fashion icons.

Kate Bosworth is amongst the celebrities that I hold dear to my heart due to her uncomplicated, chic, effortless and always feminine aesthetics. Her street style feels fresh, natural and above all, easy to pull off.

Mixing Asos and Topshop, with Isabel Marant and Mulberry key pieces for example, Kate is an on-going inspiration, especially during summer. How do you feel about miss Bosworth?



Much love, darlings

Essentials : Episode 006 – The Chambray Shirt

I don’t know what’s up with all of those items that you don’t particularly love, until they suddenly became indispensable in your wardrobe, but this sort of thing keeps happening a lot to me lately.

If for such a long time I could live just fine without possessing a chambray shirt, now I keep hoping I’ll add one to my wardrobe as soon as possible, as if it will go with anything in my closet.

Truth be told it is pretty versatile as you can wear it with so many things, it is very comfortable and it can stir the direction of your outfit to right where you need it to.

How would I wear this shirt? Of course, I already gave it a thought …take a look below:


1. MOTO – Fitted Denim Shirt

2. GAME – Pointed Court Shoes (in Fluro Pink)

3. Topshop – Faux Leather Hotpants

4. Topshop – Square Metal Clamp Bracelet

5. Topshop – Studded Bracelet

6. Topshop – Large Sunglasses Ring

The-Chambray-Shirt---0021. MOTO – Pastel Geo Jamie Jeans

2. Topshop – Metal Aviator Sunglasses

3. MOTO – Fitted Denim Shirt

4. PENDULUM – Cross Strap Platforms

5. Topshop – Binocular Case Bag (in coral)


1. Topshop – Pink Ombre Skater Skirt

2. Freedom – Premium Woven Collar

3. MOTO – Fitted Denim Shirt

4. LASSIE – Suede Stacked Wedges

5. Topshop – Crochet Shopper Bag

Spring 2012 Wishlist

Today it finally felt like Spring ! I cannot tell how excited it makes me feel, watching a sunny sky, feeling a warmer breeze, dropping a layer of clothes … it’s just wonderful. Mostly I’m excited for the part, where this Spring, I’ll pump up the volume in my wardrobe. I feel like trying new things.

I could say it’s almost a new beginning, as I’m switching from all the blacks and the greys and …let’s say neutrals, to COLORS …finally, I cannot way to put on colors and more colors …

For that, I’m thinking a pastel (or bright colored) pair of skinny jeans, pumps or stilettos covered in citron or bright orange, and cute color-block clutches and bags.

I might be slightly late on some trends, but hey … I guess everything happens right when it’s supposed to. Besides colors, this Spring I’m developing a mild crush on Peter Pan collars, as they look so sweet and girlie, that’s the nerdy me talking, and also on jewelry with tribal accents and motifs … I guess that’s the boho part of me reaching out.

To all this, add gold large cuffs, statement necklaces and maybe a slightly more casual Little Black Playsuit … and the result, is my also written in paper, Spring 2012 Wishlist. To get an idea of what I’m imagining, I put up a mix of cute and affordable items, that strongly resemble the picture inside my head :


Brands : Topshop – Leather Rhinestone Collar; Tall MOTO – Jamie Jeans; ShoeMint – Veronique pumps in citron; Topshop – Patterned Arm cuff; ALDO – Virga Clutch Bag; Topshop – Full Skirted Playsuit with Cut Out; Topshop – Mask Stud Earrings.

For more inspiration I turned to Pinterest and here’s what I found:


Peter Pan

Neon Playsuit

Gold cuff & color block clutch

Colorful Skinny Jeans

Essentials : Episode 005 – Denim Shorts

Laying in bed the other day, trying to fall asleep, I started making a mental list, of all the key pieces I would like to add to my wardrobe, until Spring comes. It’s way more fun than falling asleep counting sheep, at 4 in the morning, right ? Well, as I was thinking about all the things I need/want, I remembered the Essentials Episodes, and decided that this is a good time to include the denim shorts, to our fundamental list of clothing.

You have to admit they are kind of an elemental item, carrying us throughout the seasons, never really going out of style, always looking trendy and improved. Without mentioning they are super comfortable and easy to mix. Inspired by this freezing cold day of winter, I chose a darker pair of denim shorts, that I tried to team up with just warm and cozy stuff, for three looks, that could be viable options during this season. Of course, they are not recommended for long walks or busy outdoor days, for those, you will still need at least 2, or 3 layers of clothing.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading this, just as much as I will enjoy a hot cup of strawberry vanilla tea. One of the few good things about cold winter days.


I used : Miss Selfridge – Rust Cable Detail Over Knee Socks in Orange; Steve MaddenForeway Boot in Cognac; Dorothy PerkinsSpeckled coral cocoon jumper; H&MGold coloured necklace with metal and feather pendants; Old NavyWomen’s Faux-Shearling Vests; MOTOIndigo Denim Hotpants.


I used: H&M – Blue Cardigan; Dorothy PerkinsBlue horseshoe jeans belt; ZatchelsLeather Barrel Bag in Yellow; WeekdayPeak Blouse Pink; MOTOIndigo Denim Hotpants; Waxing PoeticTextured Stack RingsWHISPERMustard Wedge Shoe; Topshop – 80 Denier Mustard Tights.


I used: FULL TILTLove America Womens Tee; MOTOIndigo Denim Hotpants; ASOS AGGIELeather Western Ankle Boots; H&MImitation Leather Biker Jacket; River IslandChunky Knit Socks; ASOSAdjustable Winking Happy Face Bottle Top Ring; Dorothy PerkinsWhite check boyfriend shirt.


Jessica Alba – Flower Print Inspired Look

It’s not a secret anymore, I like everything there is to like about Jessica Alba, she’s such a sweetheart, a beautiful woman, a talented actress, an inspiring style icon and I’ll stop right about here, enough is enough. These last couple of days, Jess is out promoting The Honest Company’s products and she has been spotted in New York City, wearing what else but a beautiful and 2012 trendy look. It instantly made me think about summer, about prints, about crazy colors and sunny days. A big accomplishment, coming from a cozy winter outfit.

What I loved most about this outfit, is the mixing of bold colors (orange, green) with the floral pattern, both big trends for 2012, and also, the fact that the Oversized Boyfriend Coat, is somehow cutting some of the girlie vibe off, making the look a lot edgier.

Based on these same concepts, I created a more affordable look, from items that are available to purchase at Topshop and ASOS. I would have loved for the coat I used, to be a little bit (or more) brighter, but the shape of the one I eventually picked out, came to be the closest to what I had in mind. Also, there was no way I would pair sandals with a coat, not for an everyday look, not as inspiration for the girls who are actually wondering the streets, in the cold days of winter. Boots would have been the perfect way to go, but where would the fun be in that ?

All in all, it came pretty close to what I had envisioned, too bad not everything that I imagine I’ll find, is immediately available online.


I used : TopshopBlue Marl Oversized Boyfriend Coat; TopshopKnitted Fine Cotton Crop; TopshopMOTO Floral Printed Leigh; ASOSWarehouse Hinged Shopper Bag; ASOS – SCALA Court Shoe.

Jessica Alba is wearing a Christian Dior purse, an Acne sweater ($480), a pair of Erdem Connelly Floral Trousers ($990), a Doo.Ri coat from the Pre-Fall 2012 collection and Marc Jacobs shoes.