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Fashion Nostalgia – The Groovy 1960s

Good morning everybody ! As we are slowly starting off this beautiful but lazy Sunday, I thought we should move forward in our Fashion Evolution Journey. Today I finally made up my mind, the 1950s represent my all time favorite era (especially the late 50s), followed closely by the 1960s and finally adding the 1920s, that’s it, that’s my top 3.

The Groovy 1960s were a colorful decade, filled with mini skirts, leather boots and fake eyelashes.

“The early Sixties era of fashion was new couture at its best. The most influential image was the ‘Jackie Kennedy’ rich, manicured style of elegance. Some of the glamour of the Fifties was retained, though not the satins and silks. To achieve the new manicured smartness we were using grey flannel for evening, making it more feminine with white pique deep-rolling collars holding a single rose. For daywear, textile manufacturers had come up with new plastic-coated clothes, wonderful fine silk crepes and double-faced wools, all of which gave a crisp, carved look… The fashion emphasis was on a clean-cut and swinging look.”Beril Jents Little Ol’ Beryl from Bondi


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