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Fashion Nostalgia – The Glamorous 1940s

The 1940s glam fashion in quotes, from different Australian Home Journal numbers of the early years :

Spring Dresses – Spring street costumes have a smart military dash this season…

Evening Dresses Evening dresses do not make any lavish display of either chest or back. You remember the style that used to show so much of the back as to be almost indecent!
Frocks today depend on their drapings very largely, and in this regard there is much room for individual artistry. Artificial sprays are also used for corsage decoration. Hair dressing is short-waved; elaborate bunched up coiffures are things of the past. It is rare to see a full bare-armed evening frock; short puffed sleeves are de riguer.

Wasp Waist Returns – Hour glass figures are in again – the wasp waist that grandma had and grandpa loved. Victorian smartness seems a little distant, but do please remember that it can be done to-day. Just a matter of “foundations”.

Short SkirtsThe recent announcement in the daily papers that skirts are to be shorter to conserve material, makes me think of a definite danger point in dress – too short skirts. Short skirts are charming on young people, and they’re quite good on even the elderly woman so long as she has slender legs. But they are positively horrible on the thick-legged woman, whatever be her age. So though you desire to follow all government suggestions, if your legs are stubby, don’t have your skirts too short… “

Australian Home Journal, 1940 – 1942


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Because it’s pretty late now, I promise that tomorrow you will find the rest of the 1940s pictures on Oteea Land (Facebook). We’re getting closer to the ’50s (yay) and they are amongst my favorites, so I’m excited about them, but that’s a whole other story. XO