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Fashion Nostalgia – The Roaring 1920s

Everybody must know by now that 1920s is the decade in which fashion entered its modern era and since then, it was better described as the Roaring Twenties. When I imagine this amazing period of time, I think about old Paris streets (don’t ask me why), Greta Garbo, I see young, rebellious flappers, couples dancing foxtrot, I hear jazz playing in dance clubs. This era belongs to my top 3 all-time favorite decades, how wonderful it would have been to live back then ?

“Dressing in the morning, especially for busy housewives, is made a very much more simple proceeding, nowadays, than it used to be; just a skirt, with one fastening at the waist, and a slip on jumper without any fastenings at all, and one is ready for the morning’s work in less time than it takes to write about it! No long plackets, no belt, no collars or ties or cuffs to be fastened, no broach or hook or button or pin – we hardly know ourselves these days!” – Everylady’s Journal, December 1921 –



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Now turn on youtube, listen to some 20s music like for example Fanny Brice – I’d Rather Be Blue Over You and go through the rest of the pictures on Oteea Land‘s Facebook Page. By the way, after we finish going through all the fashion eras, I so wish you would tell me what’s your favorite one, either on Facebook or here on the blog, I’m very curious :). XO