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Whatever Puts A Smile On Your Face

“Fashion is what you buy, style is what you do with it.”

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, this little blog of mine has managed to teach me a great deal of things in a relatively short amount of time, and today I want to share with you some of those useful things I’ve learned. Now, I wasn’t the most confident girl growing up, I had my fair share of insecurities – some of them still live cozily inside my head, others are long gone by now – but what I am happy to have understood is that:

  • It’s never too late to change and it’s never too late to try something new; of course stepping out of our comfort zone is not easy but you should wear that red lipstick you’ve been thinking of wearing for the longest time, you should switch the jeans for a pretty dress if that makes you feel prettier, you should always feel like the best version of yourself, regardless of what others might think, or say;
  • Dare be you – we live in a world that seems to constantly try to dictate our decisions and while seeking inspiration in everyone and everything is alright and quite natural, is what you choose to do with that inspiration that matters most. You should never compromise who you are for others, I’ve done it before and it doesn’t feel good at all. If in a world that is mad about color you feel the happiest wearing black and white, do it. I know I am having a blast doing it ^_^
  • Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication – there’s absolutely nothing wrong in choosing simplicity, the same way there’s nothing wrong in going wild when defining your personal style. And while I appreciate the use of imagination and the unexpected clashes of colors, prints or textures on others, it’s still the ultimate simplicity that puts a smile on my face, and while boring to others I LOVE IT, I always will.
  • It takes time for things to fall into place and it takes patience, and that is OK. Not everything has to move at the speed of sound, we all have our own ways of dealing with change, we are all gifted with a different set of values and I for one, have really, really learned to enjoy the ride, with all the bumps that come along.

There’s still a lot on my mind, but I will be sharing the rest of my thoughts in another post. Enjoy your night and think about what truly puts a smile on your face, because that is key to your happiness ♥ ♥ ♥

Whatever Puts a Smile on Your Face 01


EN: Oversized blazer, checked. Lots and lots of black, checked. My favourite purse at the moment, cheched. High heels and statement necklece, checked. I guess this is what defines a great winter outfit for me, minus the heels which I still prefer to wear occasionally, as most of the times it’s too cold for them anyway. With my hair tucked-in and a pretty lipstick on, this is how I choose to keep warm, comfortable and classy, all at the same time. Wishing you a great weekend, can’t believe it’s Friday already! Thank you for reading ♥

RO: Sacoul usor supradimensionat, geanta preferata in momentul de fata, pantofii cu toc si un colier statement, acestea sunt piesele care definesc tinuta de iarna perfecta in ochii mei. Mai putin tocurile, pe care inca prefer sa le port ocazional, avand in vedere ca in majoritatea zilelelor e oricum prea frig pentru ele. Cu parul ascuns in colier si un ruj dragut pe buze, asa aleg eu sa creez o tinuta care sa fie claduroasa, comfortabila dar si clasica. Va doresc un weekend minunat, nu-mi vine sa cred ca e deja vineri! ♥

Masculine 01

Free Spirit

Ever since we began planning our wedding, I started having a recurring dream (my first and hopefully last experience of the sort) where I found myself without a dress, desperately seeking for someone to do my hair and make-up, hours before the wedding. Picture that! I even dreamt that I had completely forgotten about the wedding up until the day it was suppose to happen, or that we both fell asleep and woke up by the time we should have already been in church. I blamed the anxiety, because as you may already know, I am a sort of control freak, which explains my need to constantly organize and surround myself with infinite to-do lists.

As the months went by and things started falling into place, some easier than others, I regained a sense of calmness and now with little over a month before our big day, I finally feel at ease, like a big weight has just been lifted up my shoulders, although there is still plenty to do and many moments left for me to freak out.

Free Spirit 01


I absolutely adore Saturdays! Even the ones that include some work hours, after all fashion is a 24/7 commitment. This afternoon we “attended” a wedding ceremony at the church where we will celebrate our own special day in two months, just to witness all the steps, take in the atmosphere, look over the details. After that we indulged in coffee & cake, followed by our weekly groceries shopping. I love planning special meals for the upcoming days, refilling the sweets & desserts “department”, picking up things for our home. Now we’re about to serve dinner and after that is all work. The following pictures were taken yesterday, when the weather wasn’t all that friendly but I still refused to wear anything but shorts. Have a happy weekend !!

Deserted 01

Tame My Wild Heart

There was a time in my life when I wouldn’t have been caught dead in a skirt, when heels were just for fancy occasions and my life was defined by the right choice of jeans or the perfect pair of sneakers. Then came the early twenties when between going to college, moving to a different city and starting working in an office, my wardrobe got filled with sleek button-downs, tailored pants and lots of blazers.

I guess that in my head I secretly envisioned myself wearing totally different things all along, but it took a while to catch up and embrace the change. I really believe that 20s are all about experimenting and finding your true self, fashion wise included. Now I feel like I’m somewhere past the first half of the road, as some things are really starting to make sense. Like blending black and white and then switching for pink, orange or cobalt blue, mixing feminine elements with contrasting masculine ones, going for delicacy one day, and for a sportier vibe the next. This is me now ^_^

Tame My Wild Heart 01

Bubble Gum & Cobalt

As in pink and blue, mixed together for a fun color pop on a not-so-sunny day. Actually before shooting for these quick pictures I had one of those not so rare moments when nothing goes with anything else in the closet. I changed outfits about three or four times because nothing really felt right. That was so annoying. Until I remembered I had this pink blazer hidden somewhere, it’s 8 years old but still feels nice. Paired with blue pants and a flower print top, made for the perfect outfit to enjoy a coffee out and also do some grocery shopping.

The weekend is almost here and mine will be spent either at the countryside or working hard at home. I still haven’t decided on what to do, because I surely can’t do them both. Enjoy your end of the week lovelies ♥

Bubble Gum & Cobalt 01

Just Like Heaven

As promised in my previous post, here are some of the pictures I took at the lovely chalet, where I got to spend last weekend. They’re less about me and more about the wonderful scenery. The pictures don’t do it justice, as it looked breathtaking in real life. Luckily, I’ve kept it all in: the little details, the blue skies that felt so close, the silence, the green and the wonderful people surrounding me

Oh, and the cake, the best cake I have ever eaten, filled with fresh raspberries, blueberries and vanilla ice-cream. Too bad I don’t have any pictures of it, but it was gone in a heartbeat :) Enjoy & I’ll see you soon.

JLH 01