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Happy Easter!

Oteea Land Sammy Dress

Happy Easter, beautiful people! I hope you’re all celebrating happily, with your loved ones close by, fully enjoying these beautiful, sunny days. As you may already know, I took a little break from the blog, but I still wanted to wish you all the best and send you all the love this Easter!

No Ordinary Life

01.Oteea Land Oasap Organza Dress Zara Heels

Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale.

Or we choose to create our own fairytale moments, on windy afternoons, when the sun is hiding and everything grows quiet, when the seasons collide and you can sense a hint of winter and a whisper of spring finally getting to saying their goodbyes.

In time


You can do anything but not everything.

I can’t believe how these little words manage to perfectly describe my life as of lately. There used to be a time when I wanted to do it all, and I remember managing just fine, but maybe that’s because I wasn’t doing much, or perhaps I was doing way less. These days time’s a struggle. And looking around me, I notice I’m not the only one finding it slip thought my fingers.

Marching On

01.Oteea Land - Zara Knit Zara Skirt Zara Boots Oasap Coat Persunmall Bag

It seems that I only post on Fridays these days, which is good I guess, if it means I bring the weekend along, not so good when I think about the whole one post per week thingy, but I’m sure everything will get back on track again. Soon. In the meantime, life happens.

Fading To White

01.Oteea Land Zara Knit Zara Pants Oasap Boyfriend Coat

I would say Friday at last, but I have no idea when this week flew by. From the moment we returned back home from a weekend away with the family (we celebrated my niece’s very first birthday <3 in Cluj), the days have been filled with all sorts of activities that barely allowed me to shoot this one quick outfit, on an afternoon date with my favorite girls.

Little Black Dress

This is the story of the pretty little black dress that I planned on wearing for New Year’s Eve. Sadly, the package I’ve been so eagerly awaiting for the entire month of December got lost, but here I am, five months later, getting to actually wear the dreamy dress on a rainy spring Monday that completely felt like a Sunday.I guess that feeling was amplified by the fact that I got to walk the busy streets dressed like I was going to attend a party, when in reality I only got out of the house to take some pictures and buy some groceries ^_^

I adore the dress though, and I cannot wait to wear it on a more fitted occasion, with heels and all.

I hope everyone fully enjoys this last week of May! Thank you for reading, much love ♥ ♥ ♥

Little Black Dress 01