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Jessica Alba – Silk Dress Inspired Look

December is not much of a Red Carpet event month as celebrities enjoy well worthy vacations and some free time prior to 2012 madness. It is however a great month to spot and get inspired by what do celebrities love to wear while running errands, having launches and dinners, taking walks, shopping or whatever else it is that we are all doing with our time.

A look that caught my attention these days was worn by Jessica Alba, whilst she was having launch with her family on December 18. I loved the clean and chic look, the white silk dress and how both the feminine and the masculine vibes worked on this outfit.

Jessica wore a One dress ($318.00) but I chose something a little more colorful and affordable to go with the rest of the black look:


I used : Topshop – Boyfriend Blazer ($130.00) ; Topshop – Black 120 Denier Opaque Tights ($16.00) ; ASOS – MARKY Patent Leather Traditional Brogues ($58.18) ; ASOS– Shirt Dress in Colour Block (now $40.91) ; ASOS – Leather Brogue Detail Across Body Bag ($72.72) .

I think it makes a really cute look and it’s pretty easy to put together, hope you liked it.