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All is a Miracle

Summer dress flower fields

A personal blog is perhaps the closest thing there is to witnessing someone’s metamorphosis, which is truly a thing of beauty. If you’re anything like me, you most definitely can’t grasp the idea of settling for things as they are. I live to grow, to learn something new every day, to try and see the world through different eyes, to evolve, to constantly push myself, even if it’s with the small things.

Holiday Themed Nail Art Inspiration

This past year has been a truly artistic bliss and a joyful color explosion in matter of nail art. We have seen it all, from neon yellows, aqua blues, bright oranges, dots, stripes, glitters, leopard prints, to Hello Kitty, skeletons, flowers, key notes and the list could go on forever.

In order to properly celebrate the remaining days of 2011 and Christmas Days nonetheless, why not paint our nails in red and white, ad some sparkle, maybe a snow man or a few snowflakes and embrace the Holiday Spirit from head to toe ?

I came across with some really cute nail art ideas for you to get inspired and maybe even try on :

Silver Sparkles, White Snow and the Lovely Mr. Snowman:

Silver Sparkles And A Snowman

Classic Red and White:


Deep Blue Sky and Silver Snowflakes:

Deep Blue Silver Snowflakes

Golden Glitter:

Golden Glitters

Orange + White = Christmas:

Orange and White Christmas

Dark Elegance:

Drak Elegance

As you may have noticed the nail colors used above mainly come from Essie, O.P.I or Deborah Lippmann but you can use whatever suits your nails better, if you’re searching for these particular colors then remember the following names :