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It’s been over a week since my last post here on the blog and all I can say is that the last seven or eight days felt more like a month to me. During this time I went through an entire spectrum of emotions, feeling either  super anxious, or overwhelmed, sad or extremely happy, disappointed, relieved, and the list could easily go on. I even had my very first meltdown, which didn’t last for long, I tried on my wedding dress after not so patiently waiting for it to arrive for over a month and now I feel like sleeping for days at a time.

I plan on coming back here soon enough, if not, hopefully you will all understand. I hate it when it is silent here, but I do plan on making it up to you come August. Lots of love and thank you for all of your lovely comments, they always mean the world. Enjoy the week-end!

Sparkle 01


I guess when dealing with such moody, unpredictable, too-cold-for-this-time-of-year weather some people choose to fight it with lots of color, bold prints and light layers. I instead, seem to be plunging right in and embracing its darker side without hesitation. When I put together this outfit, I wasn’t exactly going for all-black, I was thinking more in terms of comfort and warmth, but then again I didn’t exactly try to influence the final result either. You know me, I can’t resist lots of some black from time to time.

Also, these rainy days begged for coziness and time spent at home, so I took the opportunity to catch up on my reading. After trying my chance on “The Casual Vacancy” which I ended up not liking as much as I have expected, I went for something lighter and funnier instead. If you happen to like Lauren Graham (Lorelai from Gilmore Girls) just as much as I do, then you will fall in love with her newest book ” Someday, Someday, Maybe“, reading it so far has been a blast. Wishing you all a beautiful rest of the week!

Blackout 01