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I Don’t Shine If You Don’t Shine

As I was reorganizing my closet the other week – which by the way feels like it never happened – I stumbled across this pair of lace shorts and I realized that I wore them towards the end of the summer and once again during fall, but never this winter. Not that I had the chance with all the cold that’s been going on lately, but still. Today I picked them up again and decided to pair them to a warm knit and go for a walk. Surprisingly enough the air felt warm-ish and for the first time in like ever I didn’t freeze while taking the pictures (^_^)

I Don't Shine If You Don't Shine 01


For me, a new month means automatically a fresh start, a brand new page, a chance to do it all again, hopefully better and since January is finally gone, I can honestly say I feel spring just a tiny bit closer. These past days I have felt somewhat under the weather, tired of the snow meets rain meets sun meets ice meets cold – and I could go on like this for a while, but I won’t – because that is all in the past now. I enjoyed the first day of February out and about, sporting my new Zara blazer and a lovely fishtail braid ^_^

Undertheweather 01

Blue Jeans, White Dreams

Despite almost caving in to the comfort and warmth of our cozy bed this Sunday, we fought that very first instinct and decided to enjoy the afternoon out and about. A quick snack, dessert, a cup of coffee and a few hours spent exploring the stores and buying a few things for our home, made the walk totally worth it.

Blue Jeans, White Dreams 01

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

As I look down the window and I see all that white outside, I finally feel like Christmas is coming. Yesterday we had our first snow and it was magical, although it didn’t last all that much. Must love December ! It’s freezing cold, but it’s beyond beautiful. As usual, my days were filled with work hours as it’s quite a busy time of the year but I do try to make the best out of the little free time I am left with.

Baby, It's Cold Outside 01

Beneath Your Beautiful

After what seemed like a busy, busy week I finally found some free time today to get out and enjoy the little things I love, like an afternoon walk, the crisp air and the hot tea that makes this season extra special. As the city is getting ready to light up for Christmas, I just realized that my favorite time of the year is getting so close now. I remember the years when I would start the countdown to Christmas all the way from October, and I remember my excitement growing with every passing day. This year instead, the last three months flew by so quickly that I barely had time to catch up.

Beneath Your Beautiful 01

Signs Of Fall And Old Colors

Yesterday was another one of those chilly autumn days that required warm knits in order to make the inevitable transition to the colder season a little bit easier. Of course I didn’t surrender completely, as I still wore 1/2 sleeves and my summery lace shorts, but I didn’t regret feeling slightly cold. Also you might notice that my hair was half-braided for some of the pictures, but for an inexplicable odd reason I can’t seem to feel comfortable wearing my hair like that. It’s like not having long hair at all so I ended up releasing it. That’s something I’ll have to deal with, because I really want to experiment in the hairstyle field also. I love it when other bloggers play with their hair so effortlessly and always end up looking beautiful.

She Comes In Old Colors 01

Purple Thoughts

Today reminded me again why I love fall so much: the sun was warm enough to wear a t-shirt, the city was filled with people enjoying the last bits of ice-cream, the music was playing at every terrace and everywhere I looked people seemed happy and relaxed! For short moments I felt like I was still enjoying the long gone holidays ♥ I hope the pictures captured some of the calmness that surrounded me on this wonderful Sunday ! It really doesn’t take much to be happy ^_^ I wish you all an amazing week !

Purple Thoughts 01