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New York Fashion Week – Prabal Gurung Fall 2012

When you start paying closer attention to fashion, until it becomes part of your daily routine, therefore part of your life, it is impossible not to feel its influence, at so many levels, even deep down, where everything you thought you knew, begins changing forms and colors. From admiring a handful of designers, you get to a point where you understand, there’s so much more out there, so many names, with so many great stories behind, so much yet to be discovered, and always a certain something, or someone that helps remove the curtain.

When I think about how amazing Prabal Gurung is now, two names instantly pop into my head : Sarah Jessica Parker and Zoe Saldana, both brand ambassadors by choice, both loving his bold and fresh aesthetics, both leading people towards a new obsession. For his Fall 2012 presentation, that took place during New York Fashion Week, Prabal Gurung revealed a display of deluxe form-fitting silhouettes.


What I loved most about this collection: the body hugging silhouettes, of both sporty and glamorous looks; the dark and mysterious opening, that slowly evolved into a more light and delicate runway walk; the playfulness and softness of the dresses; the fitting pants; the return of the psychedelic prints from the Spring 2012 collection; the color palette of black, white, gold and electric blue.

Searching for the trends, I spotted cutouts, futuristic prints, ruffles and feathers, structured coats and capes, black leather gloves, all for a fashionable cold season.

My favorite looks of the collection, ranged form the sporty, yet stylish electric blue sweater, mixed with the black fitted pants and styled with black leather gloves (first look above), to the mid-length cut-out cocktail dress, in shades of white and gold, with metallic accents, seen bellow:

PG Fall 2012

Straight hair, dramatic make-up in shades of blues, greens and purples (I loved the styling), triple-strap sandals, police hats, belts and sunglasses, were the accessories that emphasized the dramatic and atmospheric runway show.

PGA Fall 2012

PGA Fall 2012

PGA Fall 2012