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A Hint of Spring

01.Oteea Land Persunmall Trench C&A Shirt Stradivarius Jeans H&M Bag

I’m the girl who will hold on to the last episode of her favorite series, never quite ready to say goodbye; the girl who will feel like she’s losing a best friend whenever she finishes a good book; the girl who will feel guilty for taking her pretty pink roses out of the house and into the cold, just to get them photographed. But look at how beautiful they are! How else am I going to preserve their memory? How else am I going to pretend like it’s already spring?


Once upon a time pink used to be my favourite color. I had my fair share of pink butterflies spread across the room, pink plushy toys filling the empty shelves, pink candles, pink bottles of perfume, pink clothes, you get the idea. And although the years passed by and my taste in clothes (and colors) changed considerably, it doesn’t come as a total surprise that some people still see that pink obsessed little girl hiding inside of me. Which brings me to today’s outfit, based on a pair of dusted pink shorts, which I honestly had trouble styling. Why? Because I feel with pink it’s so very easy to take the wrong turn, that’s why I still prefer it but in small amounts. I admire the girls and women alike, who are able to make it look so grown-up, but deep down inside of me, I know pink will forever be associated with my wonderful childhood/adolescence.

Dusted 01