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The Trick Is To Keep Breathing

Today, is just one of those days … still undecided if it’s going to be good or bad. One of those days, when a bit is too much, and too much is not enough. Feels like a fresh new start.

What makes you smile today? Me – the clear blue sky, the thought of a good movie tonight, the flowers I bought yesterday, the coffee awaiting in the kitchen, a good, happy song played loud and these …

Retro Headband
FlowersCurrently reading: Armance by Stendhal
Favorite new(old) movie: Ensemble, c’est tout (2007)
Feel Good Song: Florence + The Machine – Shake It Out
Newest obsessions: French movies + Hair accessories
Newest girl crush: Audrey Tautou
My days are filled with little things like this.
Take care sweeties,

January Favorites

What would a personal blog be, without us sharing personal thoughts, likes and dislikes, dreams and plans ? After two months of almost constant fashion content posting, I’ll try to make a first attempt towards letting you, find a little bit more about me. I do wish in time, for this blog to become friendlier, warmer and more like me, but one thing is for sure, high fashion/red carpet/celebrity fashion will probably never go away, not as long as I will be allowed to write about it.

See, for me, this is a way of expressing myself, as fashion is pure art, when I usually post about all the beautiful ladies, wearing all the beautiful gowns, I see past the media madness. I try to focus mainly on the following ideas: fashion does come to life, bold fashion statements are made every single day, we can find inspiration in almost everything/everyone surrounding us. Because, yes, fashion makes me happy, watching other people enjoy fashion, gives me life appetite, makes me dare for more, dream for more, makes me wanna try new things.

All in all, I do wish to get to write about other stuff too, other stuff like small everyday stories, books and movies I enjoy, food and trips and starting Spring, I’ll even do my best to try and post outfit photos, in a new special category. But until those days will come, I’m still enjoying the winter days and I could start sharing with you, my monthly Favorites, a list that includes everything I loved during a certain month (obviously).


01. Dream House is up until now, my favorite January movie. I loved the storyline (I won’t reveal it here, just in case you haven’t seen it yet), I love the Daniel Craig+Rachel Weisz combo (on/off the screen), I’m still a sucker for romance and happy family stories (up until the point something goes bad), I don’t mind a little bit of drama or ending up in tears at the end of the movie. Dream House was all of that – “There’s happiness in this house, there’s you …” <3 . Mystery/thriller/drama all together.

02. Chocolate … I’ve been a desert type of girl even since I can remember, I don’t care as much about food (I do enjoy lovely meals everyday) but if we’re talking cookies, chocolate, cupcakes or any other type of sweets, I’m all in. I often wonder if I could ever give up on the whole deal, as it would be a lot healthier but…I haven’t got a positive answer yet. This month, I went back to chocolate, after a Christmas filled with home-baked goodies.

03. Braids – Long story short, braids really caught my attention this month, as they seems like such a romantic and beautiful approach. I would love to test all sorts of styles, but unfortunately patience and niggling are not my strongest assets. But I’ll start practicing more …

04. Taylor Swift is my newest girl crush here on the blog, as you might have noticed already. I’m drawn by her girly/youthful/chic off duty style approach, so she will definitely serve as inspiration from now on.

05. Snow usually starts bothering me right about the time December is gone, because usually, starting January I already try to move on and dream about spring and summer. But not this year, this year I enjoyed the heavy snowing part of the month, I got all excited and I’m still waiting to build a snowman.

06. How I Met Your Mother is our new favorite show to watch (recommended by some of our closest friends), and we might be late on the trend, but we are good at catching up (we got up to the third season already). It goes without saying it’s my favorite cozy activity of the month. Some times these simple small things, are the best things.

07. Red Skinny (misspelled in the image above, too bad I’m too tired to change it now) Jeans are my latest must-have item obsession. I’m currently searching for a nice fitted pair, somewhere they must be already waiting for me.

08. Adorable Cats – This month I really, really wished for one, but the desire comes and goes, as I realize I’ll be probably raising one, only by the time we’ll get our own place.

09. Homemade lemonade – By summer time I’ll probably be wishing not to have exaggerated with this drink during the winter days, but it’s quite nice actually. Lemonade and tea, my choice for January.

This post just got way too long as I tried my best to keep it short, but thank you, if you had the patience to read and got to this ending point. I mumbled for an entire week, a week in just pictures would have been better, right? 😀