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In My Own Fairytale

Fall outfit pastel colors

Yesterday I was caught up in my own fairytale. The sun was shining, the wind was gently blowing through my hair, I was wearing the softest pastel shades and walking the prettiest cobbled streets. I felt like dancing and I smiled often because good days deserve to be celebrated.

Summer Mood

For me, summer means letting go of everything that’s complicated, consuming, overwhelming. So this would be my portrait during a hot, hot day: hair allowed to breath in its natural state; as little make-up on as possible (although I’m still addicted to black eyeliner, I should definitely try on other colors); easy and breathable clothes, preferably in light fabrics and pastel shades, but I’m not one to shy away from black either; comfy shoes, if they’re pretty all the better; a beautiful hat and a pair of sunnies to top it all off.

This outfit may not be glamorous and all, but it is totally me because I love to feel at ease when I’m soaking up all the beauty surrounding me. The park is incredible this time of the year, nothing like walking it hand in hand with my hubby, talking about nothing and everything, listening to the birds chirping, reminiscing over childhood memories, making plans for the months to come.

I always believed happiness is made of small things, but during summer is when I am constantly reminded of it. Wishing you a beautiful weekend, lots of hugs and lots of kisses. Thanks for reading ♥ ♥ ♥

Summer Mood 01

Leather Jacket – Mix&Match Again

As promised last week, here’s some other thoughts on how to wear the leather jacket this Spring ! If in the previous post, I expressed my wish to pair the jacket with a maxi dress, skinny jeans, lace shorts, or cropped pants, this time around I’m definitely going for a more colorful and feminine approach.

Thanks to all the lovely ladies who serve as inspiration today ! XO

Leather Jacket + Floral Dress

This combination is as simple, as it is lovely : choose a leather jacket, pair it with a floral mini dress ( I prefer the ones with pleated skirts), add some colorful ballet flats or low heel pumps, accessorize with a cute mini bag, color your lips and voila … you’re ready for a fun Spring Day !


Leather Jacket + A Pastel Pleated Dress

All you need is : A leather jacket. A tea length pleated dress – in a soft pastel hue – I love Mint. A contrasting belt. Ankle boots. Statement jewelry, preferably rings. Style the look with straight locks and cat eyes ! Easy enough ?


Leather Jacket + Colorful Jeans

Both black and grey jeans look great when paired with the classic black leather jacket. But if a colorful pair of skinny jeans, could take your look to the next level, why play it safe? For an extra pop, choose a printed, floral, or embellished top ! Ankle boots (not necessarily black) and a dark nail polish would complement the look.


Leather Jacket + Black & White Dress

A black & white dress could easily offer a variety of options when choosing the print, the material, the structure, tailoring and silhouette. I love the classic combination of the neutrals and sometimes I just feel like sticking with the basics. Minimal jewelry, a cool pair of shades and a messy hair do, would perfect this type of edgy outfit.


Spring 2012 Wishlist

Today it finally felt like Spring ! I cannot tell how excited it makes me feel, watching a sunny sky, feeling a warmer breeze, dropping a layer of clothes … it’s just wonderful. Mostly I’m excited for the part, where this Spring, I’ll pump up the volume in my wardrobe. I feel like trying new things.

I could say it’s almost a new beginning, as I’m switching from all the blacks and the greys and …let’s say neutrals, to COLORS …finally, I cannot way to put on colors and more colors …

For that, I’m thinking a pastel (or bright colored) pair of skinny jeans, pumps or stilettos covered in citron or bright orange, and cute color-block clutches and bags.

I might be slightly late on some trends, but hey … I guess everything happens right when it’s supposed to. Besides colors, this Spring I’m developing a mild crush on Peter Pan collars, as they look so sweet and girlie, that’s the nerdy me talking, and also on jewelry with tribal accents and motifs … I guess that’s the boho part of me reaching out.

To all this, add gold large cuffs, statement necklaces and maybe a slightly more casual Little Black Playsuit … and the result, is my also written in paper, Spring 2012 Wishlist. To get an idea of what I’m imagining, I put up a mix of cute and affordable items, that strongly resemble the picture inside my head :


Brands : Topshop – Leather Rhinestone Collar; Tall MOTO – Jamie Jeans; ShoeMint – Veronique pumps in citron; Topshop – Patterned Arm cuff; ALDO – Virga Clutch Bag; Topshop – Full Skirted Playsuit with Cut Out; Topshop – Mask Stud Earrings.

For more inspiration I turned to Pinterest and here’s what I found:


Peter Pan

Neon Playsuit

Gold cuff & color block clutch

Colorful Skinny Jeans

More Pastels Please …

Major Fashion Crush right at the beginning of 2012, ’cause how else could I start the new year ? When I first saw these pictures, my mind instantly jumped ahead, right in the middle of spring days, with a warm sun caressing me, trees full of candy, a breath of fresh air … stop. reload. and… a variety of pastels just waiting to be mixed, from jeans, to hi-tops and bags. Sweet, sweet trend.


Of course, ASOS was inspired enough to follow this trend and deliver some pretty amazing items, like the ones pictured above, also see below :

I Think I'm In Love

Ready For Spring

I Can Sense The Lavander

It's My Time To Shine

That's Hot Mint Green

And suddenly Winter seems more bearable, and work not such a pain … think Spring wardrobe !