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Fashion Nostalgia – The Early 1900s

I truly believe that for a person who loves fashion beyond the idea of “who’s wearing what today“, loving the past, carrying about yesterday as much as we do for tomorrow, comes naturally. Because fashion is not all about clothes and trends, for me it’s more about dreams, imagination, past lives, different eras, evolution and nostalgia.

I grew up reading books, watching movies and dreaming about how it would have been living in a different time, wearing different clothes, wondering about those crazy hoop skirts from the 1850s :).

Thinking that there must be other nostalgics out there in the world, just like me, who love the present but also enjoy a trip in the past now an then, made me wanna start this series of posts, following and focusing on the Evolution of Fashion. Giving the fact that this is not your average, modern post, I really hope some of you, at least, will enjoy it as much as I do.

Enough with the introduction, enough with the talking, I will let the images speak for themselves as today we enter the world of 1900s Fashion. Don’t expect to see supermodels :).

For many years blouses and skirts had been made separately by different manufacturers. Now the blouse people took a daring step forward by branching out into dresses. Why this required courage may not a first glance be apparent to the contemporary eye, but it did, since for a while the Gibson girl seemed immortal. Even dresses that looked all of a piece were usually made with separate basques and skirts.” – Edna Woolman Chase – Always in Vogue



1900s Fashion



1901s Fashion



1902s Fashion



1903s Fashion


1904s Fashion



1905s Fashion



1906s Fashion



1907s Fashion



1908s Fashion



1909s Fashion

I, of course, wasn’t able to post all the beautiful photos I found, displaying the 1900s Fashion, otherwise it would have been a really long, long post, but if you enjoyed what you saw, you can always check Oteea Land on Facebook for more.

All the credit for the photos go to their rightful owners, I can only say thank you, for being able to find these amazing reminders of the past, on the internet.

More of this tomorrow, about the 1910s Fashion. XO