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With only one look left to show you from the lovely days I spent in Brasov, I thought you could use a break from all that me ^_^ So instead, this Sunday I decided to share with you some of the pretty pictures I originally posted on Instagram. I don’t know how you feel about this kind of posts, but I do love reading them on my favorite blogs. It’s a nice way to discover people through the little things that make them happy, through their surroundings and their everyday journey. It’s also a nice way to stay in touch and keep the memories close.

I took a little break from work to catch up on the amazing Spring 2013 collections shown during New York Fashion Week and also to watch Snow White and the Huntsmen with my fiancee ♥ If you want to discover my favorite Spring 2013 looks, you can easily browse through my Facebook album or my Pinterest board.

Enough said, much love everyone ♥