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Fading To White

01.Oteea Land Zara Knit Zara Pants Oasap Boyfriend Coat

I would say Friday at last, but I have no idea when this week flew by. From the moment we returned back home from a weekend away with the family (we celebrated my niece’s very first birthday <3 in Cluj), the days have been filled with all sorts of activities that barely allowed me to shoot this one quick outfit, on an afternoon date with my favorite girls.

Blending in

Masculine inspired outfit

Lately I’ve been more and more drawn towards this kind of beige neutrals. I think I’m slowly entering another phase that’s going to leave a visible imprint upon my wardrobe. But prints, that I rarely do. It’s not them, it’s me, I love prints on everybody else but I don’t really see them fitting into my personal closet. And wearing them is always a struggle. Perhaps not always.

Ballerina Mood

Ballerina outfit in neutral tones

I know it’s Wednesday and we’re half way through the week, but in order for this post to make total sense I have to rewind time to Sunday night. You know that moment when you lay your head on your pillow, kind of sad to be leaving the weekend behind, your mind already racing with all the things you have to do in the morning. And I don’t even hate Mondays, it’s just that sometimes I don’t feel quite ready to start afresh.


For a girl that is so deeply in love with neutrals, I sure missed on incorporating nudes, creams and tans in my wardrobe for long enough. But as it is never too late to refresh your wardrobe with what you love most, I plan on investing in more pieces much like the pants I recently bought from Zara in the months to come. Other than that it has been raining cats and dogs, I have been reading “The Secret Garden” for the past week, I have been indulging in both healthy and less healthy recipes, I’ve been contemplating the idea to cut some of my hair, I’ve worked hard and I’ve enjoyed little moments for myself. For a better idea of what I’m talking about, Instagram is always there to account my activities.

Wishing you a lovely week with less rain and definitely more sun <3

Neutrals 01