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As I sit here writing the new blog post and I glance outside the window, I can’t help but smile. It’s about to rain and I love rain. Especially when I have no place to be, but home. I love the smell of rain and I love falling asleep to the sound of rain. Puss is walking around the room, starring at me, trying to convince me to come play with him but as he sees I’m actually busy at the moment, he decides to look out the window as well. This is the perfect kind of day to cozy inside, catch up on the reading, watch a few episodes of my favourite tv shows, eat some chocolate biscuits and think about nothing else. Wishing you a great start of the week, hope you enjoy the new post and I’ll see you around!

Green 01

Bubble Gum & Cobalt

As in pink and blue, mixed together for a fun color pop on a not-so-sunny day. Actually before shooting for these quick pictures I had one of those not so rare moments when nothing goes with anything else in the closet. I changed outfits about three or four times because nothing really felt right. That was so annoying. Until I remembered I had this pink blazer hidden somewhere, it’s 8 years old but still feels nice. Paired with blue pants and a flower print top, made for the perfect outfit to enjoy a coffee out and also do some grocery shopping.

The weekend is almost here and mine will be spent either at the countryside or working hard at home. I still haven’t decided on what to do, because I surely can’t do them both. Enjoy your end of the week lovelies ♥

Bubble Gum & Cobalt 01

Fields Of Love

Since I’ll be away most of the weekend, I thought a scheduled post would be a great way to make my absence feel almost … unnoticeable here on the blog.

I remember telling you, that Thursday did not start as a perfect day for me, but it eventually turned out to be a beautiful, beautiful day. A couple of hours spent walking, followed by a spontaneous escape in the middle of nowhere nature, ending with cake + late evening coffees, is all a girl like me could have asked for. Luckily enough, I have found the person that seems to always know what I need, even before I do! 

Taking photos while breathing the fresh air, picking out flowers and being surrounded by mountains, was a definite change of scenery.

Have an amazing weekend !

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