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Missoni – Pre-Fall 2012 Collection

It’s such a quiet time of the year in these last days of December, that I am truly starting to miss all the fuzz and the buzz that make the fashion world such an exciting place. Don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate that I finally have the time to catch up on those movies I really wanted to see, watch five episodes of Gossip Girl and then some more, or read my favorite blogs and books (not necessarily in that order) without being time stressed.

Oh well, the Pre-Fall collections of 2012 will have to make up for the all those missing events and dazzling celebrity fashion I miss so much. And having the time to check out the latest collections, gave me a strong taste of how my dream wardrobe would look like in a perfect world, where money would never be a problem, and clothes would never be enough. Of course, in this world, the perfectly organized clothes would have to share a white room with just the perfect amount of shoes, some nice bags, one or two kitties (`cause what’s a dream without a cat hiding in the dressing room ? ) and…I’m still figuring out the rest.

Meanwhile, I would love to add these Missoni Pre-Fall 2012 pieces (only the five pictured below, I know my limits even for a dream world) to my wardrobe and just hope they will get along with the rest. Loving the youthful looks, the slim silhouettes and the macro-floral-print dresses. Let the dreaming begin :






Of course, don’t forget to check for the beautiful looks that didn’t make it to my wardrobe, on Oteea Land’s Facebook Page. XO