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Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen – ELLE UK April 2012 Covers

Every single time I see, hear, or read about the famous twins, an instant image of the adorable three year old baby sisters, pops into my head. These memories should have been long time gone by now, but I think they were too freaking sweet to just forget about.

Now, Mary Kate and Ashley, are the ladies who take the fashion world by storm, or at least, that’s what the April 2012 Covers of ELLE Magazine state out loud.

My personal favorite, is the one Ashley is gracing, and for the photoshoot she sparkled in a multicolored Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2012 jewelled dress, a true masterpiece.

Ashley Elle Cover

D&G Spring 2012

Mary-Kate’s version of the cover is a bit more edgier, her look focusing around a Prada Spring 2012, also jewelled, white shiny coat.

Elle Magazine Cover

Prada Spring 2012

To see the entire editorial based on the sumptuous looks, and read an exclusive interview about “how the sisters turned their backs on Hollywood and reinvented themselves as designers to watch—and why they say, ‘You have to be a little crazy to do what we do.’ “, don’t forget to pick up the April issue of ELLE UK, on newsstands now.