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Christian Louboutin Vs. ShoeDazzle

Girls love shoes, that’s a fact, girls also love Christian Louboutin, who doesn’t, but girls can’t always afford the heels of their dreams, so what do you do when that happens ? You try to compromise, search for similar type of shoes, from more affordable brands. The main idea here, is to look fabulous, without spending little fortunes that we don’t own anyway, just for proving a point.

To give you a specific example, I always liked the Maggie 140 Pumps, a celebrity favorite pair of shoes, but not the most affordable one :


You can invest around $550/$650 in one of these pairs, or any of the other versions available, or you can settle for these ones :


They’re not exactly the same, of course, but you do get what inspired ShoeDazzle this time.

The Amour sells for only $39.95 a pair, so that means about $500/$600 saved, pretty cool for a budget, huh ?

Too bad they currently ship only in U.S. territories and Canada. I really liked the nude+brown Amour version.

Decisions, decisions … but at least, we are offered the opportunity to choose what’s important for us.