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A Clean Slate

Winter outfits burgundy

2014. It’s like we blinked and now it’s gone, a year full of memories now waiting to become one. This past 12 months weren’t all good, but they weren’t all bad either, and it’s the ups and downs to makes us all grow better and stronger in the end, with bigger dreams and even bigger hearts. I’m grateful for a million little things that shaped me into who I am today, I’m grateful for love, family and new friendships, I’m grateful for every tiny moment that put a smile on my face.


Fall outfit burgundy and blue

Do you ever take the time to contemplate your wardrobe before grabbing your favorite shirt, dress, or sweater off the hanger? I often do, not when I’m in a hurry, and most definitely not on those days when my clothes and I don’t see eye to eye. But when we do get along, I like to take my time to touch the fabrics, to reminisce about the last time I wore my favorite sweater, or the first time I put a specific dress on, because just like those songs you tend to listen to on repeat during certain times of your life, my clothes often become one with my emotions.