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Every Journey Begins With a First Step

… and this is my first step towards a new direction. As expressed earlier this year, my wish remains to make this blog a special, cozy and friendlier place, where we can share thoughts, tips, ideas and our love for fashion.

Being the voice without the face is certainly easier, it’s comfortable and safe, but there comes a time when you have to dare for more, take chances and hope for the best. So this is my way of welcoming you into my world, by letting you know who I am and what I love … other than fashion of course. And it’s not easy.

My Journal will be this blog’s special category, that I will try to update as often as possible with those small little things and great moments that make life unique and beautiful. If not for more, this is where part of my memories will be stored.

After a busy week, no, let’s make it a month, me and my fiancee finally took some time off to enjoy the nice weather outside and we managed to spend half a day (sadly just that long), walking, talking, making plans, eating sweets, taking pictures, just … living in the moment. Before heading to the pictures I took on the beautiful Sunday afternoon, keep in mind that this is only the introduction, nothing less and nothing more.


Hello there, nice to meet you …

Madame Lucie

One of the sweetest moments of the day ~ thanks to the petits delices of Madame Lucie

Macarons & Sun

You couldn’t have possibly thought that I wasn’t going to make this post ABOUT Macarons


Sibiu – The lovely place I get to call Home

Nothing But A Girl

I’m Nothing But a Girl ...

I think that’s quite enough for a first, but yeah, this is me. Thank YOU for the time taken to read my blog and if you like this little corner don’t forget to hit the Like button and keep checking the blog.

Here’s to taking chances and the beautiful summer awaiting … XOXO