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Look Of The Week (008) Winner

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is the new Look Of The Week poll winner.

Her Antonio Berardi Spring 2012 dress made quite an impression last week.

I’m sure she’ll be back here real soon.


Look Of The Week – Week 008

It’s Sunday, it’s sunny outside, the weather today reminds me a little bit of Spring, so if you’re not out enjoying an afternoon walk, and even if you are, maybe you’ll find a little bit of time to vote on this week’s poll.

We had glamour, we had sexy attitudes, we had minimalist designs, we even had couture, so there’s plenty to choose from today.

Enjoy your day & thanks for voting !

Week 008 – February 13 – February 19, 2012



[poll id=”6″]

Look Of The Week (007) Winner

All-time favorite fashionista Sarah Jessica Parker, is the newest winner of our LOTW poll. It was about time !

I guess her daring Biker Princess look, channeling Carrie’s fashion sense, really caught your attention this week.

Until our next poll, coming on Sunday, I wanna wish you a beautiful day and of course, thanks again for voting.


Look Of The Week – Week 007

This same week, I was considering putting a hold on these polls, but maybe it’s a good thing I changed my mind. I tend to do that a lot sometimes. It appears that some of the ladies reading the blog, enjoy voting just as much as I do, so let’s keep these polls coming.

This week was such a busy and eventful time, that I hope I covered pretty much everything I loved on the Red Carpet. With plenty to choose from, voting is a little bit harder this time, as I would have liked to vote for …well, three looks :). How about you ? Enjoy & vote.

Week 007 – February 06 – February 12, 2012



[poll id=”5″]

Look Of The Week (006) Winner

Congratulations to Blake Lively and everyone who wanted her to win this week. She finally did and she quite deserved it !

This might just be it, the final poll, as I’m considering putting this weekly voting activity on hold.

I wish you all a happy Thursday !


Look Of The Week – Week 006

This cold Sunday, is meant to be spent in bed, watching lots of TV series, maybe even a good movie, or enjoying a great book. Anything relaxing and fun, that doesn’t require a lot of energy. But Sunday also means that it’s time to vote for our favorite look of the week, and there have been some really pretty appearances these past days.

Please let me know your thoughts on this week’s fashion, by taking the time to vote, it would be wonderful. I wish you all an amazing Sunday ! XO

Week 006 – January 30 – February 05, 2012



[poll id=”4″]


Look Of The Week (005) Winner

I guess you guys weren’t in the voting mood this week, or perhaps you didn’t quite like any of the options I gave you this time, but results like this do happen.

With only three votes, Cameron Diaz is named the new Look Of The Week poll winner.

I guess her ladylike Dior appearance really impressed some of you, in this case congratulations.

My vote went to Diane Kruger, but that’s a whole other story. Next poll, begins on Sunday afternoon. Thanks for voting. XO