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Walking On Clouds

EN: There’s little I love more than the classic shades of black, white and gray for winter. But I believe there’s such beauty, delicacy and serenity hiding in pastel hues, particularly in powder blue, that they’re somehow meant to sweeten what can easily become a dull winter wardrobe. Until I will be able to find that perfect pastel coat I’m dreaming of, I keep on indulging in cozy sweaters and oversized scarfs. And to add more of my favorite colour to this outfit, the Persunmall bag I received the other week felt like the perfect final touch.The bag (that you can find here) easily became one of my favorite accessories at the moment. It truly is perfect in size, color and shape, so if you thought about getting it, you really won’t regret it. Wishing you all a great start of the week, there’s only 8 days left until Christmas ♥ Much love ♥

RO: Sunt putine nuante de culori pe care le iubesc mai mult decat pe clasicile tonuri de negru, alb si gri atunci cand vine vorba de garderoba de iarna. Dar cred ca exista atata frumusete, delicatete si liniste ascunsa in nuantele de pastel, in special in albastru, incat ele par menite sa indulceasca o garderoba care altfel, poate deveni cu usurinta monotona. Pana cand voi gasi paltonul albastru perfect, cel la care visez de multa vreme, nu-mi ramane decat sa ma rasfat cu pulovere comfortabile si esarfe supradimensioante. Si ca sa adaug si mai mult din culoarea mea preferata acestei tinute, gentuta pe care am primit-o de la Persunmall zilele trecute mi s-a parut detaliul perfect. Geanta (pe care o puteti gasi aici) a devenit rapid unul din accessoriile mele preferate. E perfecta ca marime, culoare si forma, asa ca daca v-ati gandit deja sa o achizitionati, nu veti regreta. Va doresc un inceput de saptamana minunat, au mai ramas doar 8 zile pana la Craciun ♥

Walking On Clouds 01


For a girl that is so deeply in love with neutrals, I sure missed on incorporating nudes, creams and tans in my wardrobe for long enough. But as it is never too late to refresh your wardrobe with what you love most, I plan on investing in more pieces much like the pants I recently bought from Zara in the months to come. Other than that it has been raining cats and dogs, I have been reading “The Secret Garden” for the past week, I have been indulging in both healthy and less healthy recipes, I’ve been contemplating the idea to cut some of my hair, I’ve worked hard and I’ve enjoyed little moments for myself. For a better idea of what I’m talking about, Instagram is always there to account my activities.

Wishing you a lovely week with less rain and definitely more sun <3

Neutrals 01

Feels So Close

I love color, I really do, but I can’t help but being drawn towards white, black and all the shades of grey possible, all the time, these three are calling my name I’m telling you, so here’s to being back in my comfort zone. I sported this casual yet chic outfit to the Media Music Awards 2012, a concert/ceremony that brought together the biggest names in the Romanian music industry right into my lovely city.  Although I must admit I’m not a huge fan of our music industry in general, there are some artists I was eager to see and this was my chance. I’m not going to talk about how disappointed I was in the people attending, in the lack of respect towards anything and anyone that the younger generation mistakes for fun. And with the risk of sounding like an old lady, for me respect and education will never go out of fashion.

Feels So Close 01

A Case of Red

Whenever I go away, I find it so hard to let go of my daily routine, even if it’s just for a couple of days. At the same time, when I come back home I find myself so lost in the holiday spirit that it feels hard to pick things up from where I left them. Is it just me or this happens to everyone?

Anyway, I am back home now, after the most beautiful weekend and the most amazing birthday :) I loved every second of the sunny days and chilly nights, I loved spending quality time with my fiancee, I loved taking pictures and enjoying the city. I wore this lovely red maxi dress I received as a gift, on my second day in Brasov and of course, I had to take some pictures.


When The Sun Sets

I’m not going to lie, I might have enjoyed my break from everything for a little while, but today, as the air felt so crisp and fresh, I could not miss on the opportunity to go out and breath it all in. My eyes feel a little bit better, my treatment changed three times over the past week, but I’m not going to bore you with all of the glory details. Of course I’m not going to :)

When The Sun Sets 01

Owl Orange Day

Between the days I felt like all my energy was drained, and the days when the heat was almost unbearable, June passed by so quickly, I almost didn’t get the chance to say hello. Now I feel I could have done so much more with my time.

I will take tomorrow as a fresh new start, as a new chance to make July the fun summer month it’s supposed to be. Back in the school days, I remember it to be my favorite month – the month I could enjoy the summer holiday without having to think about anything else. I plan on doing just that: no over-thinking, or over-analyzing, keep it simple and fun ! That should be a challenge.

Much love for you, darlings Enjoy your summer week-end & have lots of fun in the sun!

Orange Burst

Up, Up You Go

A Touch Of Orange

Owl on Top


Little Orange Bag



Cute Owls

The Ending Flowers

Wearing: Next Top – Orsay Short Pants – Leonardo Heels – New Yorker Bag – Hand-made Earrings – H&M Bracelet & Belt – Engagement Ring ♥