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Well Plaid

I know how everybody must be feeling about the plaid print at this point. It’s literally everywhere and for as much as I promised myself to stay away from everything that’s overdone and over-worn on the streets, I still couldn’t resist it. My wardrobe needed a pop of red, I needed a shirt that would allow me to layer once the weather would get super cold, and so I abandoned the fight. I wear a lot of black on a daily bases, so it feels great to be able to add a dash of colour, and print to my basic, off-duty outfits. Case and point: the following pictures. This is how I envision comfort and these are the first things I grab whenever I have to run out of the house. Hope everyone’s enjoying a lovely weekend, we’re off to a family lunch! Love ♥

Well Plaid 01

The Statement Necklace

I’m talking about one of my newest fashion crushes here, as I somehow managed to neglect this category over the past two months. I know that this statement piece gained her first fans quite a few years back, but for me – the subtle jewelry loving type – the transition was a little bit slower.

I started by liking this trend as worn by celebrities on the Red Carpet, when suddenly the statement necklace became a key piece for any respectable fashionista, as the street fashion took a new spin. And as it is easier to admire trends on others, rather than actually giving them a try, another while past between me acknowledging the trend, and me actually feeling comfortable wearing it.

Below you can find a short selection of beautiful necklaces that I would love to wear during Spring or Summer this year, and also my favorite ways of centering an outfit around the jewelry piece.


1. Piperlime – Beaded Statement Necklace in Aqua Green – $24

2. stella & dot – Birds Of Paradise Necklace – $ 133.50 (on sale)

3. Threadsence – Tahitian Goddess Necklace – $22

4. ASOS – Silk Cord and Looped Statement Collar – $32.23

5. stella & dot – Cortez Bib Necklace$49 (on sale)

Although styling an outfit with a chunky necklace should be fairly simple, considering the infinite options we are given, paying extra attention to details won’t hurt. The right necklace should fall right into place either you are trying to achieve a super casual look, or an extra sophisticated one.

My favorite ways of wearing this jewelry piece :




Leather Jacket – Mix&Match Again

As promised last week, here’s some other thoughts on how to wear the leather jacket this Spring ! If in the previous post, I expressed my wish to pair the jacket with a maxi dress, skinny jeans, lace shorts, or cropped pants, this time around I’m definitely going for a more colorful and feminine approach.

Thanks to all the lovely ladies who serve as inspiration today ! XO

Leather Jacket + Floral Dress

This combination is as simple, as it is lovely : choose a leather jacket, pair it with a floral mini dress ( I prefer the ones with pleated skirts), add some colorful ballet flats or low heel pumps, accessorize with a cute mini bag, color your lips and voila … you’re ready for a fun Spring Day !


Leather Jacket + A Pastel Pleated Dress

All you need is : A leather jacket. A tea length pleated dress – in a soft pastel hue – I love Mint. A contrasting belt. Ankle boots. Statement jewelry, preferably rings. Style the look with straight locks and cat eyes ! Easy enough ?


Leather Jacket + Colorful Jeans

Both black and grey jeans look great when paired with the classic black leather jacket. But if a colorful pair of skinny jeans, could take your look to the next level, why play it safe? For an extra pop, choose a printed, floral, or embellished top ! Ankle boots (not necessarily black) and a dark nail polish would complement the look.


Leather Jacket + Black & White Dress

A black & white dress could easily offer a variety of options when choosing the print, the material, the structure, tailoring and silhouette. I love the classic combination of the neutrals and sometimes I just feel like sticking with the basics. Minimal jewelry, a cool pair of shades and a messy hair do, would perfect this type of edgy outfit.


Leather Jacket – Mix & Match

Inspired by my newest wardrobe addition, that was actually one of the coolest presents my fiancee (<3) could have given me for Spring – a Zara leather jacket – I did the most predictable and expected thing I could have done. I immediately started thinking of all the ways I want to wear the jacket this season, and since the weather outside is still pretty chilly, I have just the right amount of time to get ready to rock it !

The downside of all this, is that with every outfit I imagine and recreate in my mind, I realize how many more items I would need for my closet to feel complete (it will never feel complete, but let me hold on to that), that’s why my wish list, is getting bigger by day. A girl can dream !!!

Now let the fun part begin :

Leather Jacket + Maxi Dress

I’m thinking of a sheer, delicate maxi dress (like the one below), in a neutral tone (a bold color or a nice print would also work), paired with some black leather ankle boots (for an edgier approach) or wedge sandals (if only the weather was so warm in Spring). I love the black leather fringed clutch, so that works pretty fine. I would style the look with sunglasses, a statement ring and a few bangles (silver & black, or colorful).


Leather Jacket + Skinny Jeans + Boots

Yes, please ! This is not only the comfortable way to go, but it also looks chic and edgy ! You know, hard on the outside … For this type of look, I would pair the jacket with a simple, oversized tank or T-shirt, skinny jeans – grey looks great, black would fit, red would make a statement – and black boots. A cool black shoulder bag or backpack and some silver jewelry would complete the look.


Leather Jacket + Lace Shorts

Now, this I’m not sure I could pull off. Yet ! But I’m loving the look! I bet that attitude owns half of it :). The leather jacket would work great mixed with a printed t-shirt ( preferably in black or grey), a pair of lace shorts (white, beige, ivory, you name it) and a pair of white converse (I’d go with that instead of black ). An oversized bag, minimal jewelry and subtle curls would perfect the look.


Leather Jacket + Cropped Pants

Well, this caught my eye while I was browsing through ASOS a few days back. For a reason, I’m not totally sure which reason yet, I find this look to be cool and slightly masculine. In order to make this outfit a hit, I would team the jacket with a buttoned shirt rather than a t-shirt, light colored cropped pants – I like the ones in the example too – whilst the chunky leather ankle boots would also be an interesting addition. Again, minimal jewelry would set the tone for an overall minimalistic look.


This post is already way too long, and I had like tens of other ideas waiting to be set free, but, I will have to keep them for another post now. For a post focusing on a more colorful and girly way to wear the black leather jacket … for sure, think florals, pleated skirts, short and fun dresses.

Please feel free to share your ideal ways of wearing the leather jacket this Spring ! I would enjoy it a lot ! XO