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Essentials : Episode 006 – The Chambray Shirt

I don’t know what’s up with all of those items that you don’t particularly love, until they suddenly became indispensable in your wardrobe, but this sort of thing keeps happening a lot to me lately.

If for such a long time I could live just fine without possessing a chambray shirt, now I keep hoping I’ll add one to my wardrobe as soon as possible, as if it will go with anything in my closet.

Truth be told it is pretty versatile as you can wear it with so many things, it is very comfortable and it can stir the direction of your outfit to right where you need it to.

How would I wear this shirt? Of course, I already gave it a thought …take a look below:


1. MOTO – Fitted Denim Shirt

2. GAME – Pointed Court Shoes (in Fluro Pink)

3. Topshop – Faux Leather Hotpants

4. Topshop – Square Metal Clamp Bracelet

5. Topshop – Studded Bracelet

6. Topshop – Large Sunglasses Ring

The-Chambray-Shirt---0021. MOTO – Pastel Geo Jamie Jeans

2. Topshop – Metal Aviator Sunglasses

3. MOTO – Fitted Denim Shirt

4. PENDULUM – Cross Strap Platforms

5. Topshop – Binocular Case Bag (in coral)


1. Topshop – Pink Ombre Skater Skirt

2. Freedom – Premium Woven Collar

3. MOTO – Fitted Denim Shirt

4. LASSIE – Suede Stacked Wedges

5. Topshop – Crochet Shopper Bag