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Saturday in the City

Good morning darlings,

I hope you are enjoying this beautiful Sunday, because I know I am. It would have been a perfect day, had I like … absolutely nothing to do, nothing at all, so I could just sleep, read and watch my beloved TV series (I’m awfully behind at this point).

Luckily, yesterday we (my fiancee and I) found a glimpse of free time so we spent a few hours walking the busy city streets, taking pictures, enjoying the nice weather and …it felt great, it always does. Wish I’d do this every single day during summer time. Especially now, when our lovely city came to life and a bunch of great concerts, festivals and other interesting activities are about to take place during the following weeks. Guess who’s excited ? Me, me, me … !!!

Music, theater, museums and fireworks …soon ♥

A special thank you to my better half for bearing with me today (actually all the time … but shhhh), I know it’s hard but it means EVERYTHING …

DreamerI took my new cobalt pleated skirt out for a spin ♥

SaturdayPleatsSibiuShoesyOrange & BlueThe view from the lovely terrace with its tables spread across the bridge

TerraceCoffeeFirst outfit post (attempt) : Pimkie Lace Top – H&M Belt – Random Brand Pleated Skirt – Leonardo Wedges – New Yorker Purse – Avon Necklace