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Small Holiday Gift Guide – Gift Idea No. 02

If yesterday I was talking about fashion books for our fashion addict friends, today’s gift idea focuses on something wormier, a must for this season, perfect for winter. Can you guess what it is ?

Gift Idea No. 02Knitted Scarves

Imagine your girlfriend wrapped in a knit scarf that keeps her warm and cozy! This stylish piece is a perfect present for all the girls because it represents “winter’s necklace” by putting a unique twist into our everyday outfit.

A large variety to choose from makes it easier to find the perfect fit for all of your friends, no matter they’re taste in fashion. I looked around and I first stopped on Asos.com where I found two adorable and inexpensive such accessories.


ASOS Long Basic Scarf – $16.36 + Warehouse Knit Leopard Scarf – $31.82. I know the second one is a little bit over the $30 budget but look at how cute it is, I think it’s worth the extra $2 :)

The other stop – Forever 21 fore moooore knitted scarves :


Cable Knit scarf €12.90 + Colorful Knitted Scarf – €7.99 + Multi-Colored Scarf €12.90.

I know, they’re not exactly U.S. dollars but this is the only currency available for me on Forever 21.

If you’re out of fresh ideas of how to use the scarf differently, maybe the following video will help in some way: