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One Of The Boys

For me, throwing on a cap and a pair of sneakers comes easy and has nothing to do with trends. I just love wearing super comfortable clothes and I would do it all the time if the other half of me wouldn’t long for some femininity, romance or edge from time to time. Safe to assume that I love experimenting with fashion and if a few years back I would have said no to a lot of ideas, now I’m more inclined to say that I would try anything, at least once, to just know how it feels if for nothing else.

One Of The Boys 01

The Many Shades Of Grey

Nothing beats a laid back outfit during a HOT(!) summer afternoon to keep me comfortable and focused. For a day filled with many errands to run, I didn’t feel like putting something pretty on, in fact I didn’t felt like putting anything on but … who does that? So instead I grabbed a loose t-shirt, a pair of shorts, a cap and sneakers, all in the many shades of grey and I was set. I think grey best suits my mood these days :)