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Comfort On A Rainy Day

The title pretty much explains it all. It’s not the first time that the weather decides to play her little tricks on me, so I’m already used to planning an outfit for a sunny day and wake up the next morning with clouds, rain and wind instead. Today more than ever I searched for comfort and warmth in my outfit, and an old pair of jeans + a knitted sweater seemed like the proper way to confront the cold. I also think I discovered my new favorite coffee spot in town, it’s actually so close to home that we never really had the chance to try it out.

It’s not all that exciting to go out on this gloomy weather, but it’s absolutely perfect to get cozy and enjoy a lovely evening inside. Hot chocolate and movies it is ^_^. All after I’m done working of course … I’ll see you around ♥ Enjoy the rest of the day !

Comfort On A Rainy Day

More Pastels Please …

Major Fashion Crush right at the beginning of 2012, ’cause how else could I start the new year ? When I first saw these pictures, my mind instantly jumped ahead, right in the middle of spring days, with a warm sun caressing me, trees full of candy, a breath of fresh air … stop. reload. and… a variety of pastels just waiting to be mixed, from jeans, to hi-tops and bags. Sweet, sweet trend.


Of course, ASOS was inspired enough to follow this trend and deliver some pretty amazing items, like the ones pictured above, also see below :

I Think I'm In Love

Ready For Spring

I Can Sense The Lavander

It's My Time To Shine

That's Hot Mint Green

And suddenly Winter seems more bearable, and work not such a pain … think Spring wardrobe !