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Where You End and Where I Begin

While I wasn’t very excited about this particular Wednesday, mostly because I had a doctor’s appointment in the afternoon and I hate those more than anything, the day ended up being quite beautiful. We even found some time to shoot these quick photos before leaving, and we “celebrated” afterwords with delicious cake and coffee. Yes, I always need some sort of celebration to hold onto! Plus, my fiancee surprised me with a little bit of a shopping trip to Zara and I found some beauties that I cannot wait to wear.

Where You End and Where I Begin 01

Paint It Black

I don’t know exactly why, but apparently I am being drawn back towards black as of lately. Maybe the freezing weather or the moody winter sky influenced my most recent switch of direction, but this is what I feel like wearing every day now. Black, black, some gray, some white and then black again. Oh well, I guess it’s just another phase that once gone, will allow me to fully enjoy lively colors again, hopefully soon.

Paint It Black 01

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

As I look down the window and I see all that white outside, I finally feel like Christmas is coming. Yesterday we had our first snow and it was magical, although it didn’t last all that much. Must love December ! It’s freezing cold, but it’s beyond beautiful. As usual, my days were filled with work hours as it’s quite a busy time of the year but I do try to make the best out of the little free time I am left with.

Baby, It's Cold Outside 01