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Let’s Just Breathe

Oh wow, I haven’t even realized that almost two weeks passed by since my last post. I guess the trip back home, the preparations and all the time spent there, really helped me disconnect, unplug my “wires” and just … be. I cannot say I didn’t miss the blog, the internet, the fashion industry, but I chose to put it all on hold and just focus on the time spent with my dear ones. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The weather played some tricks, it wasn’t all sunny and warm like I had hoped, but instead I learned to enjoy the cloudy and even rainy days, which surprisingly wasn’t that bad. I miss the sun though, and I really hope he’ll be back soon enough.

So between going for walks, trying to enjoy coffees (wish I could say they were delicious, but my hometown seems to miss a good coffee spot), shopping, eating, playing with the cat, sleeping, catching up with my mom and celebrating her birthday, I couldn’t care less about a fashionable outfit. There will be plenty of time for that.

Now I have to catch up with everything, including the International Theater Festival which is currently taking place in Sibiu, I really hope I’ll get to see at least one play.

Hope you’re all doing great ! I’ll see you soon, XO

My Perfect Moments:

The Perfect ViewA small part of the view on the way homejust like heaven

Close Your EyesI tried my best to breath it all in to make it last longer

By The LakeDown by the small lake, hidden behind the house, one of my favorite places back home

TommyThe adorable Tommy – have I mentioned how much I LOVE cats? ♥

Locust TreeThe blooming locust tree – I could smell it for days

OWatching Tommy search for the most convenient spots – he ended up having the greatest shoots