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Fashion Nostalgia – The Stylish 1930s

A fashion trend that began early in the 1930s and last until the end of World War II, was attention to the shoulders, with butterfly sleeves and banjo sleeves, and exaggerated shoulder pads :

“Of course, this definite liking for wider shoulders is perfectly understandable, because by contrast the waist and hips appear, oh! ever so much slimmer, and that is what we all want, isn’t it? This illusion of slimness is just a little trick we have borrowed from masculine tailoring not that our fashions are anything but feminine in every way.”

Weldon’s Ladies’ Journal, November 1931

1930s also represented a return to a more feminine form and glamorous evening wear, where gloves were a must and attractive, well-fitting clothes were not expensive and available for all those who could not afford Haute Couture.


1930s Fashion


1931s Fashion


1932s Fashion


1933s Fashion


1934s Fashion


1935s Fashion


1936s Fashion


1937s Fashion


1938s Fashion


1939s Fashion


Just beautiful, so, so elegant and glamorous, right ? Of course, there’s more to be seen and I will add the rest of the photos on Oteea Land‘s Facebook Page, but a little bit later. Now there’s a movie waiting for me and delicious food (at this late hours, yes, that’s not good) but I’ll get right back to the 1930s once I’m done. XO