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Before The Rain

One of my absolute favourite things about fashion is the fact that it allows us to translate how we feel through our clothes, giving us the ability to embrace a different part of ourselves every day. And playing dress up is what I love most. From all-black, to flower prints the transition felt easy!

Now, about the dress. When Kristine first asked me about a collaboration, I must admit I fell in love with her designs from Kristine’s Collection because they are both feminine and so, so dainty. Picking up my garments wasn’t an easy task, but I didn’t regret my choices once the package arrived. The Camelia garden bloom flare dress spoke to me through her mesmerizing print and I already imagined myself picking up flowers and getting lost in the summer atmosphere wearing it. I wasn’t wrong. Yesterday I felt like my lighter self, I felt energized and I felt happy. All because of the fresh flower print.
Before the rain 01