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TV Fashion – Aria Montgomery from Pretty Little Liars

Having the Pretty Little Liars series on break for quite some time now, I almost forgot how much I enjoy the young fashion on this show. With each character’s different style, comes a perfectly matching personality and tons of inspiration for the girls watching.

Aria Montgomery had me at edgy bohemian, always going for the unexpected, mixing it with vintage pieces, loving the layers, the rich materials and the bold prints.

All throughout the first season we saw a feminine Aria, who experimented a lot, wearing tons of accessories, colorful jeans, loving the baby-doll dresses worn with boots and also loving textured tights :


In season two Aria, takes the unexpected to a whole other level. She is still combining vintage with modern pieces and modern trends, whilst makes fashion statements with the help of some well chosen accessories such as headbands or earrings.

This is the season will be focusing on most an why not begin by remembering the two dazzling pairs of earrings Aria wore. Remember that ethnic accessories and crazy big earrings are not just for special occasions as they pop up the volume for our everyday outfits:


Denim never goes out of trend and Aria proved it by wearing this Free People light blue jacket with zipper detailing, also the Clover Canyon striped tank top could still be perfect even on cold days if it is worn with a leather jacket for example :

Denim Jacket


And to finish this post in style, let’s focus on my favorite look of the season, the vintage skirt and top accessorized with a matching headband and pearl earrings, that Aria wore in the “I Must Confess” episode. How cute and girlie is that ? ♥ :