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Minimal chic weekend outfit

When thinking about the perks of living in a popular city, the first thing that comes to mind is the abiding sensation that you’re on continuous vacation whenever you’re venturing for a long walk on the narrow streets, particularly if that walk happens to take place on a perfect Sunday evening. And although you may come to believe that you know the city by heart, there will always be one beautiful door, one window brimming with flowers, one little corner with its colors slowly fading away, that will make it all look new and exciting again.

Some Place Deserted

The week is almost over and I feel nostalgic, because it was such a beautiful summer week. Between work, and house duties, the days were filled with walks, long talks over delicious beverages and holiday planning ’til late into the night. The highlight of the week though, was my fiancee and I, celebrating 6 happy years of love and the feeling is simply wonderful ! I could not ask for more, right now


Selena Gomez – Pretty Girl Rocks Inspired Look

Selena Gomez somehow manages to always look adorable, no matter if she’s wearing affordable clothes or high-end designs. Practicing a youthful and feminine style, according to her age and own fashion sense, she became an important source of inspiration, for girls all around the world. Today I join this list of girls, by adding a Selena Gomez inspired look, to my Inspirational Files.

The singer wore this lovely outfit on January 26, during the We Own The Night Tour Photocall, held in Mexico City. Bleached shorts + white tank + leather boots and you’ve got yourself a winner combination, perfect for summer, but even during these cold winter days, for some indoor events. The cropped blazer, in a bright and bold color is a must for 2012, and due to its versatility, can be worn in so many different ways.

Easy enough, I think this outfit could not go wrong in any mix of shorts, white tank, leather boots and blazer. Pretty Girl Rocks.


I used : Forever 21Mixed Colors Bracelet; GESTUZ Cropped Peak Lapel Blazer In Coral; Hel Och Ren – Johan Organic Tank White; Jeffrey Campbell‘See-Stars’ Boot; MOTOBleach Splatter High Waist Hotpants.

The boots are the same ones Selena is wearing, they sell for $279.95 and I think they are the most expensive item I chose today. We have to admit they look pretty cool, but at the same time, a  more affordable pair of leather boots, would do the trick.


Small Holiday Gift Guide – Gift Idea No. 02

If yesterday I was talking about fashion books for our fashion addict friends, today’s gift idea focuses on something wormier, a must for this season, perfect for winter. Can you guess what it is ?

Gift Idea No. 02Knitted Scarves

Imagine your girlfriend wrapped in a knit scarf that keeps her warm and cozy! This stylish piece is a perfect present for all the girls because it represents “winter’s necklace” by putting a unique twist into our everyday outfit.

A large variety to choose from makes it easier to find the perfect fit for all of your friends, no matter they’re taste in fashion. I looked around and I first stopped on Asos.com where I found two adorable and inexpensive such accessories.


ASOS Long Basic Scarf – $16.36 + Warehouse Knit Leopard Scarf – $31.82. I know the second one is a little bit over the $30 budget but look at how cute it is, I think it’s worth the extra $2 :)

The other stop – Forever 21 fore moooore knitted scarves :


Cable Knit scarf €12.90 + Colorful Knitted Scarf – €7.99 + Multi-Colored Scarf €12.90.

I know, they’re not exactly U.S. dollars but this is the only currency available for me on Forever 21.

If you’re out of fresh ideas of how to use the scarf differently, maybe the following video will help in some way: