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Bring Me Flowers

I’ve always been a fan of flowers worn in the hair or as a crown, especially as they symbolize such delicacy and grace. They somehow remind me of those crowns I used to receive all through primary school for excellent results, alongside books and diplomas, the purest joy ^_^. It all seems like a lifetime ago. Good thing the trend reemerged now, when I am ready to embrace my femininity and wear such dainty accessories without feeling uncomfortable, because the one thing I lacked in the past was the confidence to walk tall, trust my views and carry my believes. It took me a while to shake off the feeling that I’m being judged for all of my choices. Living to please others, mistake or not (although it might feel like the right thing to do at a certain point), it ain’t a healthy habit for sure. Thank God, we grow up!

Bring Me Flowers 01