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As I sit here writing the new blog post and I glance outside the window, I can’t help but smile. It’s about to rain and I love rain. Especially when I have no place to be, but home. I love the smell of rain and I love falling asleep to the sound of rain. Puss is walking around the room, starring at me, trying to convince me to come play with him but as he sees I’m actually busy at the moment, he decides to look out the window as well. This is the perfect kind of day to cozy inside, catch up on the reading, watch a few episodes of my favourite tv shows, eat some chocolate biscuits and think about nothing else. Wishing you a great start of the week, hope you enjoy the new post and I’ll see you around!

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The Statement Necklace

I’m talking about one of my newest fashion crushes here, as I somehow managed to neglect this category over the past two months. I know that this statement piece gained her first fans quite a few years back, but for me – the subtle jewelry loving type – the transition was a little bit slower.

I started by liking this trend as worn by celebrities on the Red Carpet, when suddenly the statement necklace became a key piece for any respectable fashionista, as the street fashion took a new spin. And as it is easier to admire trends on others, rather than actually giving them a try, another while past between me acknowledging the trend, and me actually feeling comfortable wearing it.

Below you can find a short selection of beautiful necklaces that I would love to wear during Spring or Summer this year, and also my favorite ways of centering an outfit around the jewelry piece.


1. Piperlime – Beaded Statement Necklace in Aqua Green – $24

2. stella & dot – Birds Of Paradise Necklace – $ 133.50 (on sale)

3. Threadsence – Tahitian Goddess Necklace – $22

4. ASOS – Silk Cord and Looped Statement Collar – $32.23

5. stella & dot – Cortez Bib Necklace$49 (on sale)

Although styling an outfit with a chunky necklace should be fairly simple, considering the infinite options we are given, paying extra attention to details won’t hurt. The right necklace should fall right into place either you are trying to achieve a super casual look, or an extra sophisticated one.

My favorite ways of wearing this jewelry piece :




Jessica Alba – Flower Print Inspired Look

It’s not a secret anymore, I like everything there is to like about Jessica Alba, she’s such a sweetheart, a beautiful woman, a talented actress, an inspiring style icon and I’ll stop right about here, enough is enough. These last couple of days, Jess is out promoting The Honest Company’s products and she has been spotted in New York City, wearing what else but a beautiful and 2012 trendy look. It instantly made me think about summer, about prints, about crazy colors and sunny days. A big accomplishment, coming from a cozy winter outfit.

What I loved most about this outfit, is the mixing of bold colors (orange, green) with the floral pattern, both big trends for 2012, and also, the fact that the Oversized Boyfriend Coat, is somehow cutting some of the girlie vibe off, making the look a lot edgier.

Based on these same concepts, I created a more affordable look, from items that are available to purchase at Topshop and ASOS. I would have loved for the coat I used, to be a little bit (or more) brighter, but the shape of the one I eventually picked out, came to be the closest to what I had in mind. Also, there was no way I would pair sandals with a coat, not for an everyday look, not as inspiration for the girls who are actually wondering the streets, in the cold days of winter. Boots would have been the perfect way to go, but where would the fun be in that ?

All in all, it came pretty close to what I had envisioned, too bad not everything that I imagine I’ll find, is immediately available online.


I used : TopshopBlue Marl Oversized Boyfriend Coat; TopshopKnitted Fine Cotton Crop; TopshopMOTO Floral Printed Leigh; ASOSWarehouse Hinged Shopper Bag; ASOS – SCALA Court Shoe.

Jessica Alba is wearing a Christian Dior purse, an Acne sweater ($480), a pair of Erdem Connelly Floral Trousers ($990), a Doo.Ri coat from the Pre-Fall 2012 collection and Marc Jacobs shoes.