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My Kind of Happiness

01.Oteea Land H&M Blouse Fishbone Skirt

I always believed that happiness comes from the small things, but lately I realized that happiness can only shine through a grateful heart. The last couple of months haven’t been the easiest, and I’ve been tired, and worried, and sometimes sad, but in the midst of it all I found a lot of things to be grateful for, and a lot of small reasons to be happy about, these gorgeous lilac flowers included.

The girl with the pink roses

Fall outfit gray and brown

When I think about my childhood, about my mom coming back from work after a long, tiring day, I always remember her carrying a bouquet of flowers in hand, and a small treat for me in her purse. She loves flowers, of all kinds, all shapes, all colors, I remember there were weeks when every room had its own little floral arrangement. It doesn’t come as a surprise that I took after her.

Cold, but beautiful

Fall outfit golden hour

As the weather gets colder and the sky much darker, I try to hold onto my personal kind of sunshine, made out of all the things that I love and make me happy. I’ll admit that getting out of bed in the morning becomes increasingly harder but having a bouquet of spring flowers on my desk, and knowing that a hot cup of mocha is awaiting for me in the kitchen definitely helps.

Happiness all around

Fall outfit over-the-knee-boots

I love everything there is to love about a rainy day. Often, when I think about a cozy, comforting atmosphere I instantly imagine a warm house, heavy rain outside, dim light inside, my loved ones safe and a cute ball of fluff (at least one), sleeping somewhere near me, preferably in my bed.

Long hair, dark colors

Fall outfit crop top

On this tricky weather that doesn’t belong neither with summer, nor fall, I found the chilly Monday afternoon to be refreshing. I loved the thought of throwing on my favorite blazer, just as much as I loved wearing this lovely crop top for a second time. Nothing beats these trans-seasonal weeks when it comes to experimenting with mixing and matching items of all styles and all seasons.

Afternoon light

I’m pretty good at soaking up the afternoon sun, good at making the best out of it during long, unhurried walks, but I’m absolutely terrible at posing when the sun shines too bright. Even more so after a copious Easter lunch at our grandparent’s house, where no matter how much you try to eat, it’s never quite enough.

For that kind of afternoon I would have better picked a pair of overalls and a pair of sneakers, to at least feel comfortable while “rolling over” on our way home. But I had to go with the tightest & shortest skirt, and heels. The one good thing that came out of it is that I at least matched the small bouquet of white lilac we picked up from their garden. I am literally obsessed with lilac and having the entire city filled with it doesn’t help ^_^

Hope you had a wonderful week, the weekend is nearly here ♥ ♥ ♥

Afternoon light 01


Do you happen to have that one extra-cozy sweater that appears to go with everything in your wardrobe and that you basically drag out of the closet whenever you get a chance? Well, I do (too). And it is this black, slightly oversized one that I can’t stop wearing although it is starting to look all fuzzy and lived in. All the more reasons to love it if you ask me ^_^ You must have figured out that this is the all-black look I’ve been talking about in my last post, and I absolutely love it, I think this would be my go-to uniform if spring days were all rainy and gloomy like today is. I have no problems ditching colors if the sun disappears. I am sorry that my posts have turned into weekly “notes” but I am currently trying to restore the balance in my life, which will hopefully translate to more appearances on the blog. Hope everyone is having a productive week ♥ ♥ ♥

Black 01