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Kate Beckinsale – Loving the Fiorentini + Baker Buckle Boots

With Kate Beckinsale being one of my all-time favorite actresses, I have always tried to keep up and follow her fashion choices on and off the Red Carpet. Loving her relaxed and cozy free-time style, it was early last year when I spotted her passion for the Fiorentini + Baker Billie – Black Leather Buckle Boots.

This passion has even inspired me to try on this kind of  black-leather “rock-and-roll-ish” type of boots and I must say they look pretty cool.


In 2011, I was surprised to see that in a world where the new tops everything else, Kate stayed faithful to her black Baker Boots. This pair must really be comfortable and the truth is they kind of go with everything in Kate’s wardrobe.


If you’re interested in this pair you can find it at – Foot Notes Online for $598.00 or you can do what I did and search for similar style boots.