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Fashion Nostalgia – The Groovy 1960s

Good morning everybody ! As we are slowly starting off this beautiful but lazy Sunday, I thought we should move forward in our Fashion Evolution Journey. Today I finally made up my mind, the 1950s represent my all time favorite era (especially the late 50s), followed closely by the 1960s and finally adding the 1920s, that’s it, that’s my top 3.

The Groovy 1960s were a colorful decade, filled with mini skirts, leather boots and fake eyelashes.

“The early Sixties era of fashion was new couture at its best. The most influential image was the ‘Jackie Kennedy’ rich, manicured style of elegance. Some of the glamour of the Fifties was retained, though not the satins and silks. To achieve the new manicured smartness we were using grey flannel for evening, making it more feminine with white pique deep-rolling collars holding a single rose. For daywear, textile manufacturers had come up with new plastic-coated clothes, wonderful fine silk crepes and double-faced wools, all of which gave a crisp, carved look… The fashion emphasis was on a clean-cut and swinging look.”Beril Jents Little Ol’ Beryl from Bondi


1960s Fashion


1961s Fashion


1962s Fashion


1963s Fashion


1964s Fashion


1965s Fashion


1966s Fashion


1967s Fashion


1968s Fashion



1969s Fashion


Fashion Nostalgia – The Golden 1950s

Despite my busy, busy schedule these last couple of days, I tried my best not to neglect the blog, but I somehow ended up neglecting the Fashion Nostalgia Series. The funny thing is, it happened right when I was about to post the pictures from my favorite fashion era – The Golden 1950s. Today, we pick-up where we left and continue following this journey, as we get closer and closer to the 80s, and that will be our final stop.

“Although a great deal has been written and spoken about Nylon, it still remains for many, a magic name. It is almost magical, of course, for it is very strong, quick to dry, light and beautiful. As a supporting fiber, nylon combines with other fibers such as cotton, silk, wool and rayon to make beautiful long-wearing fabrics in a variety of weights and textures.” – Butterick Fashion News, April 1950

“The question in every woman’s mind just now is, “What is going to happen about Dior‘s ‘H’ line and his even new ‘A’ line, and how much will they affect styles out here? As yet no one knows the answer. The matter is controversial. Italian designers, who now occupy so important a place in the fashion world, continue to stress the bosom and keep the waist in its normal position. Many of the top American and London coutouriers, on the other hand, favour the lengthened torso line which shifts the focus of attention from the bust and waist to the hips.”Australian Home Journal, April 1955 –

“But what did I, out of Acton, know about the state of heels, the length of hems? In Paris Yves Saint Laurent had raised hemlines, though everyone else’s stayed mid-calf, and had brought out some ridiculous puffed skirts, and Chanel kept producing the same dull old suits, that much I knew: and you would see girls around with beehive hair-dos, high scratchy edifices which made them look scared and nervous – but fashion was just not my scene.” – Fay Weldon, Auto Da Fay


1950s Fashion


1951s Fashion


1952s Fashion


1953s Fashion


1954s Fashion


1955s Fashion


1956s Fashion


1957s Fashion


1958s Fashion


1959s Fashion

Changes and evolution in the 50s,for you to see more of this, I’ll upload the rest of the photos on Oteea Land (Facebook) this afternoon. Hugs.

Fashion Nostalgia – The Glamorous 1940s

The 1940s glam fashion in quotes, from different Australian Home Journal numbers of the early years :

Spring Dresses – Spring street costumes have a smart military dash this season…

Evening Dresses Evening dresses do not make any lavish display of either chest or back. You remember the style that used to show so much of the back as to be almost indecent!
Frocks today depend on their drapings very largely, and in this regard there is much room for individual artistry. Artificial sprays are also used for corsage decoration. Hair dressing is short-waved; elaborate bunched up coiffures are things of the past. It is rare to see a full bare-armed evening frock; short puffed sleeves are de riguer.

Wasp Waist Returns – Hour glass figures are in again – the wasp waist that grandma had and grandpa loved. Victorian smartness seems a little distant, but do please remember that it can be done to-day. Just a matter of “foundations”.

Short SkirtsThe recent announcement in the daily papers that skirts are to be shorter to conserve material, makes me think of a definite danger point in dress – too short skirts. Short skirts are charming on young people, and they’re quite good on even the elderly woman so long as she has slender legs. But they are positively horrible on the thick-legged woman, whatever be her age. So though you desire to follow all government suggestions, if your legs are stubby, don’t have your skirts too short… “

Australian Home Journal, 1940 – 1942


1940s Fashion


1941s Fashion


1942s Fashion


1943s Fashion


1944s Fashion


1945s Fashion


1946s Fashion


1947s Fashion


1948s Fashion


1949s Fashion

Because it’s pretty late now, I promise that tomorrow you will find the rest of the 1940s pictures on Oteea Land (Facebook). We’re getting closer to the ’50s (yay) and they are amongst my favorites, so I’m excited about them, but that’s a whole other story. XO

Fashion Nostalgia – The Stylish 1930s

A fashion trend that began early in the 1930s and last until the end of World War II, was attention to the shoulders, with butterfly sleeves and banjo sleeves, and exaggerated shoulder pads :

“Of course, this definite liking for wider shoulders is perfectly understandable, because by contrast the waist and hips appear, oh! ever so much slimmer, and that is what we all want, isn’t it? This illusion of slimness is just a little trick we have borrowed from masculine tailoring not that our fashions are anything but feminine in every way.”

Weldon’s Ladies’ Journal, November 1931

1930s also represented a return to a more feminine form and glamorous evening wear, where gloves were a must and attractive, well-fitting clothes were not expensive and available for all those who could not afford Haute Couture.


1930s Fashion


1931s Fashion


1932s Fashion


1933s Fashion


1934s Fashion


1935s Fashion


1936s Fashion


1937s Fashion


1938s Fashion


1939s Fashion


Just beautiful, so, so elegant and glamorous, right ? Of course, there’s more to be seen and I will add the rest of the photos on Oteea Land‘s Facebook Page, but a little bit later. Now there’s a movie waiting for me and delicious food (at this late hours, yes, that’s not good) but I’ll get right back to the 1930s once I’m done. XO

Fashion Nostalgia – The Roaring 1920s

Everybody must know by now that 1920s is the decade in which fashion entered its modern era and since then, it was better described as the Roaring Twenties. When I imagine this amazing period of time, I think about old Paris streets (don’t ask me why), Greta Garbo, I see young, rebellious flappers, couples dancing foxtrot, I hear jazz playing in dance clubs. This era belongs to my top 3 all-time favorite decades, how wonderful it would have been to live back then ?

“Dressing in the morning, especially for busy housewives, is made a very much more simple proceeding, nowadays, than it used to be; just a skirt, with one fastening at the waist, and a slip on jumper without any fastenings at all, and one is ready for the morning’s work in less time than it takes to write about it! No long plackets, no belt, no collars or ties or cuffs to be fastened, no broach or hook or button or pin – we hardly know ourselves these days!” – Everylady’s Journal, December 1921 –



1920s Fashion


1921s Fashion


1922s Fashion


1923s Fashion


1924s Fashion


1925s Fashion


1926s Fashion


1927s Fashion


1928s Fashion


1929s Fashion

Now turn on youtube, listen to some 20s music like for example Fanny Brice – I’d Rather Be Blue Over You and go through the rest of the pictures on Oteea Land‘s Facebook Page. By the way, after we finish going through all the fashion eras, I so wish you would tell me what’s your favorite one, either on Facebook or here on the blog, I’m very curious :). XO

Fashion Nostalgia – The Edwardian 1910s

Today it’s time to take a short trip all throughout the fabulous 1910s. Think Titanic, World War I, Coco Chanel, large hats, the exotic opulence in the first half of the decade, versus the somber practicality of garments worn during War and you have the softer 1910s.

In this era, silhouettes became much more fluid, the corsets were left behind and the Gazette due Bon Ton was showing full skirts with hemlines above the ankle.

“Several attempts have been made to re-introduce the plain-length street dress and trailing evening-gown, but it seems as if it will be many years before we return them to favour, if, indeed, such a thing ever comes to pass. The popular skirt, at present, is a loosely pleated one, reaching to just above the ankles. Every-one of all ages wears a skirt which clears the top of her shoes, and such a length is so universally comfortable, youthful and graceful that it is likely to be a very long time before women give it up … The size of the waist, by the way, used to be a very important point. Nowadays it is absolutely of no consequence. The smartest women even appear as if they were corsetless, and the hips are left quite free.” – Everylady’s Journal, February 1918


1910s Fashion


1911s Fashion


1912s Fashion


1913s Fashion


1914s Fashion


1915s Fashion


1916s Fashion


1917s Fashion


1918s Fashion


1919s Fashion

If this trip wasn’t long enough, check Oteea Land on Facebook for a little, extra time :). Until tomorrow darlings.

Fashion Nostalgia – The Early 1900s

I truly believe that for a person who loves fashion beyond the idea of “who’s wearing what today“, loving the past, carrying about yesterday as much as we do for tomorrow, comes naturally. Because fashion is not all about clothes and trends, for me it’s more about dreams, imagination, past lives, different eras, evolution and nostalgia.

I grew up reading books, watching movies and dreaming about how it would have been living in a different time, wearing different clothes, wondering about those crazy hoop skirts from the 1850s :).

Thinking that there must be other nostalgics out there in the world, just like me, who love the present but also enjoy a trip in the past now an then, made me wanna start this series of posts, following and focusing on the Evolution of Fashion. Giving the fact that this is not your average, modern post, I really hope some of you, at least, will enjoy it as much as I do.

Enough with the introduction, enough with the talking, I will let the images speak for themselves as today we enter the world of 1900s Fashion. Don’t expect to see supermodels :).

For many years blouses and skirts had been made separately by different manufacturers. Now the blouse people took a daring step forward by branching out into dresses. Why this required courage may not a first glance be apparent to the contemporary eye, but it did, since for a while the Gibson girl seemed immortal. Even dresses that looked all of a piece were usually made with separate basques and skirts.” – Edna Woolman Chase – Always in Vogue



1900s Fashion



1901s Fashion



1902s Fashion



1903s Fashion


1904s Fashion



1905s Fashion



1906s Fashion



1907s Fashion



1908s Fashion



1909s Fashion

I, of course, wasn’t able to post all the beautiful photos I found, displaying the 1900s Fashion, otherwise it would have been a really long, long post, but if you enjoyed what you saw, you can always check Oteea Land on Facebook for more.

All the credit for the photos go to their rightful owners, I can only say thank you, for being able to find these amazing reminders of the past, on the internet.

More of this tomorrow, about the 1910s Fashion. XO