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Celebrity Crush – The Red Tight Jeans

It’s a good thing our old friend, The Denim, never goes out of fashion and that it has the ability to take on so many shapes and colors, without ever letting us down. No matter if they need to be skinny one year, ripped, the boyfriend type or flare the next one , classic or printed, it never gets boring wearing them.

And even if we love to stick to our blue jeans, as they would perfectly match any outfit idea we might have, celebrities prove that a pop of color this season would only increase the fun in our looks. Think, red, think jeans and after think Jessica Alba, Isla Fisher, Pippa Middeltone, Emma Stone, Fergie, Rachel Bilson and I could still go on and on. Yes, these fashion icons we look up to, all love to wear red denim.

Funny how I now realize that I used to own a pair of skinny dark red jeans, when I was about 11 or 12, or was I 13 ? hmmm….around that time, however, I loved them just for being red and wore them with really anything, even bright pink t-shirts, ’cause who cared about fashion at that age ? Maybe it’s time to invest in another pair, just to see how they feel at 25.


I think it is perfectly pictured that the best way to wear the red jeans, is by mixing them with neutrals hues like black, white or grey, simple t-shirts, shirts, sweaters and for a more elegant approach, try pairing them with a chic blazer.