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She Looked Like Autumn

I didn’t plan to match my outfit’s colors to the fading beauty of this autumn’s last days, but somehow I’m glad I did. There’s a certain melancholy that veils this time of the year, with its dark skies and crisp weather and I can’t believe we had the last of what was an incredibly beautiful fall. On the bright side, the countdown to Christmas begins as of now and I CANNOT WAIT for it to finally arrive. Hope everyone has a great week ♥

She Looked Like Autumn 01

Well Plaid

I know how everybody must be feeling about the plaid print at this point. It’s literally everywhere and for as much as I promised myself to stay away from everything that’s overdone and over-worn on the streets, I still couldn’t resist it. My wardrobe needed a pop of red, I needed a shirt that would allow me to layer once the weather would get super cold, and so I abandoned the fight. I wear a lot of black on a daily bases, so it feels great to be able to add a dash of colour, and print to my basic, off-duty outfits. Case and point: the following pictures. This is how I envision comfort and these are the first things I grab whenever I have to run out of the house. Hope everyone’s enjoying a lovely weekend, we’re off to a family lunch! Love ♥

Well Plaid 01

Red Impulse

Funny thing how I always believed that red lipsticks weren’t made for me and now I feel like wearing them with nearly every outfit. They clearly go hand in hand with the beautiful autumn colors, especially when worn with black eyeliner and a classy trench coat, neutral hues and a touch of lace. Despite strongly believing that a trench coat is a timeless piece, one of those essential items building a woman’s classic wardrobe, I never found one to suit my body, or my style. I guess when choosing this one from Persunmall, I finally stumbled upon my luck as I love its gorgeous color, its light weight and the playful pop of leopard print going on underneath.Wishing you all a beautiful week ahead and thank you for reading ♥ ♥

Red Impulse 01

Don’t Let Go, Never Give Up

New week, new outfit post, new to-do list, new challenges, more black, more bows. Some days it does feel hard to keep up with everything, especially since all I feel like doing these days is hide under a blanket and read. Those of you following me on Insagram already know that my Valentine’s Day gift arrived earlier (read I stumbled across my gift and ruined my Fiance’s surprise), during the weekend more precisely and that I received a lovely Kindle, along with a selection of books that I’ve been meaning to read for so long. Only the best gift in the entire world if you ask me ♥

Don't Let Go, Never Give Up 01

Beneath Your Beautiful

After what seemed like a busy, busy week I finally found some free time today to get out and enjoy the little things I love, like an afternoon walk, the crisp air and the hot tea that makes this season extra special. As the city is getting ready to light up for Christmas, I just realized that my favorite time of the year is getting so close now. I remember the years when I would start the countdown to Christmas all the way from October, and I remember my excitement growing with every passing day. This year instead, the last three months flew by so quickly that I barely had time to catch up.

Beneath Your Beautiful 01

Signs Of Fall And Old Colors

Yesterday was another one of those chilly autumn days that required warm knits in order to make the inevitable transition to the colder season a little bit easier. Of course I didn’t surrender completely, as I still wore 1/2 sleeves and my summery lace shorts, but I didn’t regret feeling slightly cold. Also you might notice that my hair was half-braided for some of the pictures, but for an inexplicable odd reason I can’t seem to feel comfortable wearing my hair like that. It’s like not having long hair at all so I ended up releasing it. That’s something I’ll have to deal with, because I really want to experiment in the hairstyle field also. I love it when other bloggers play with their hair so effortlessly and always end up looking beautiful.

She Comes In Old Colors 01