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High Hopes

Oteea Land Zara Jacket Zara Loafers Tally Weijl Jeans

This cold weather thing is really, really tricky besides being totally uninspiring. From the inside looking out it often feels like spring, with a little bit of sun, no rain, no snow in sight, and on Friday I was really excited to take a nice walk and breath some fresh air on what seemed like the loveliest afternoon. Of course, I should have known better.

Late Mornings

Fall outfit red hat

I’m not a morning person, but I do love the idea of starting the day as early as possible. It’s knowing I have hours and hours ahead of me, enough to work, cross off everything on my to-do-list and be left with some time for myself that makes it worth it to get out of a bed that’s still warm, where Puss and hubby are deep asleep, and step into a room that grew cold over night.

A New Beginning

Classic black and white outfit

It’s been a long time coming and it feels more ME than ever before. Oteea Land’s new minimalistic look is a little project me and my husband have been working on and off (mostly off ^_^) over the past year, and although in the meantime the blogosphere fell deeply in love with this kind of black-and-white designs, I honestly couldn’t have pictured my blog looking any other way.

Summer Mood

For me, summer means letting go of everything that’s complicated, consuming, overwhelming. So this would be my portrait during a hot, hot day: hair allowed to breath in its natural state; as little make-up on as possible (although I’m still addicted to black eyeliner, I should definitely try on other colors); easy and breathable clothes, preferably in light fabrics and pastel shades, but I’m not one to shy away from black either; comfy shoes, if they’re pretty all the better; a beautiful hat and a pair of sunnies to top it all off.

This outfit may not be glamorous and all, but it is totally me because I love to feel at ease when I’m soaking up all the beauty surrounding me. The park is incredible this time of the year, nothing like walking it hand in hand with my hubby, talking about nothing and everything, listening to the birds chirping, reminiscing over childhood memories, making plans for the months to come.

I always believed happiness is made of small things, but during summer is when I am constantly reminded of it. Wishing you a beautiful weekend, lots of hugs and lots of kisses. Thanks for reading ♥ ♥ ♥

Summer Mood 01

I See Fire

I’m not very good at finding that perfect balance to define my life, so I’m usually either running out of time for all the things I need to be doing, or I indulge in too many of those lazy days, making up for them eventually with less hours of sleep per night and a tighter schedule. But from time to time, I like to put everything on break and go away for a little while. If possible. This past weekend we visited our precious niece for the first time and the entire trip there was incredibly beautiful and soothing. That explains the longer absence on the blog, but despite missing it terribly, I still needed those few days to reset the equilibrium.

Other than that, I try to make the best out of this beautiful weather, I try to keep away from dark colors and I still love to wear my red lipstick together with my red hat. Hope everyone has a great week so far ♥ ♥ ♥

I See Fire 01

The Hat

Never underestimate the power of a great accessory. I’m all about simplicity with a twist, and that twist often comes from a lovely pair of heels, a gorgeous bag, some sparkly jewelry and today it comes from the most beautiful burgundy hat. I love my accessories to be unique, to represent me, I love them even more when they have a history behind and they cross the ocean just to become mine.

When invited by the lovely Ecua-Andino Hats team to become one of their fashion ambassadors I gladly accepted the invitation, fascinated with their genuine Panama hats, knowing that every single hat is 100% handmade from 100% natural fabrics, learning that their long-established reputation dates back to 1630, when the first hand-made Panama hats were created in Ecuador. I am one to respect tradition, I appreciate the value of unique craftsmanship and I love to think I now have a tiny bit of Ecuador brightening my wardrobe.

I’m not going to say how great I felt wearing this beautiful hat, I’ll let the pictures do all the talking. If you want to learn more about Ecua-Andino Hats visit their website, or check out their Facebook page.

Happy Valentine’s Day for all those of you celebrating today!

The Hat 01