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Romantic Rebel

As I sit in front of my desk, craving for ice-cream and breathing the unbreathable air, I kind of wish for half an hour of rain, or for a short escape somewhere in the mountains, where the nights are just a tiny bit chilly, whichever can arrive first. Needless to say I now live for the breezy evenings and nights, as they are by far my favourite things about summer. Our walks and coffee dates were also postponed for when the sung begins to slowly set. The appetite is gone, except for the ice-cream craving of course, but at least the wardrobe gets to be infused with bright new colors. And I don’t mean my usual picks of orange and cobalt, but new delicious shades, like this yellow that stole my eyes.
Seeing how the week-end is nearly here, I wish you a fantastic one! Lots of love

Romantic Rebel 01